Xrays:  Do I need them? Dr. Maggio of the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia explains how doctors decide if MRIs and/or xrays may be needed to diagnosis a health problem.  Health issues such as back pain, sciatica and herniated discs can be diagnosed.


One of the most common things a patient will ask me is, are we going to take x-rays? Another question is do I need an MRI? In today’s article we will discuss both of these great questions.


X-rays and MRI ‘S may or may not be needed for patients care. There are many factors that determine if x-rays and MRI’S are needed. I would like to review the following.


X-rays are basically needed following a trauma.  A trauma can be if a person falls or slips.  The person can be in a car accident.  There are certain indications that may determine they need x-rays. Imaging of these areas is extremely important. There are many reasons why this is true. One of the things we look for on x-rays is the obvious. There can be a fracture or a bone break. Other things we can tell on x-rays are if there is ligament instability. If a person has ligament instability, break, or bone fracture  they need to be referred to an orthopedic doctor.


X-rays also let us know the time and length of an injury. If we see thinning of the discs and/or bone spurs it can give us an indication of how long the problem has been present. That is extremely important.  It can take into account how much and how fast we can get you better. If there has been a problem for many years based on the x ray of the spine we will have to put some long term effort into resolving the problem as best as possible.


MRI’S may be needed to see soft tissue issues. One of the main reasons why MRI’S are necessary is to determine if a person needs to go for a consultation with a neurosurgeon. Herniated and bulging discs may or may not be an indication for surgery but it gives us an obvious answer of the extent of the injury.