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If you are hesitate to request appointments online, no worries. We follow up with a phone call, to verify your chiropractor appointment requests, and also address any questions or concerns you may have about your upcoming visit to our Virginia Beach Chiropractor office.

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If you are looking for a chiropractor appointment in Virginia Beach, we offer two types of initial visits.

The first is a new patient evaluation/examination visit and  the second is a tour visit.  Click the book an appointment button below to find out more about each type of visit at our Virginia Beach Chiropractor office.

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Our no-wait clinic sets us apart from many other chiropractic practices. Our success rate for the number of patients seen on time or early is 98%. This means if you come in on time for your scheduled appointment with all of your paperwork properly filled out, we will see you right away. We know you have got a busy schedule with other places to go, and we respect your time at our Virginia Beach Chiropractor office.

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What Our Patients Have To Say …

I had back surgery in 1986, and have had recurring low back problems since I was 18 years old. I first learned of Dr. Maggio’s ProAdjuster technique in 2004, and the results were the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever experienced. I have been a loyal customer for the last 7 years, and every time I have a lower black flare up I quickly make an appointment to see Dr. Maggio, and without fail, he brings me back to normal almost immediately. I cannot give a stronger endorsement to the Dr Maggio, the ProAdjuster technique, and his incredibly customer-friendly staff.


Everyone at the Proadjuster Clinic is committed to healing. The positive and super-friendly environment is part of that healing process. Thanks to Dr. Maggio and everyone else who cares for us, we are in a better place … both in the office and in our individual lives!!”


Two years ago I re-injured my neck and a co-worker recommended Dr Maggio. It was the best decision I ever could have made. Since coming to see him not only is my neck the best it’s felt in many years, my sinus issues have been cleared. When you come into the office everyone greets you by name and the staff is extremely friendly. I now bring my son to see him and recommend his practice to everyone I know. Thank you Dr Maggio!!!

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Why You Should Choose ProAdjuster Chiropractic As Your Virginia Beach Chiropractor

Chiropractor Virginia Beach – Dr. Maggio’s Expertise

The founder of ProAdjuster Chiropractic, Dr. James Maggio has been practicing in the chiropractic field since 1995 and he is well respected in the chiropractic and traditional medicine communities. He regularly presents informative health seminars in Virginia Beach area businesses and organizations, and he has given training to more than 10,000 chiropractors nationwide.

Dr. Maggio has helped pioneer many aspects of chiropractic care. He has created many protocols in his 20 plus years of practice that have helped his patients live life to their fullest. His focus and techniques on improving range of motion in the cervical spine, assisting with deficits of pain and tension due to computer desk work, and a protocol to help drain the sinuses to help you get over colds and flu quicker are just a few of his expertise. Visit our Virginia Beach Chiropractor office!

Learn more about Dr. Maggio.

Efficient, Friendly, No Wait Virginia Beach Chiropractic Office

We will not keep you waiting. Our patients are virtually always seen on time, or early, for their scheduled appointments. Located in Virginia Beach, our office environment is relaxed and our staff is friendly. Also, we work with all types of insurance situations.

We go out of our way to create an overwhelmingly positive customer service environment. Today, quality customer service is virtually unheard of in the healthcare field. When you think about your favorite restaurant, your favorite mechanic, or your favorite beauty salon, one of the things you will agree with is that their performance of customer service ranks as high as their quality services.

The attention to customer service is what gets your attention and makes it a favorite. We strive for that same reputation of quality service and care. ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic wants to be your favorite Virginia Beach chiropractor.

More about our patient experience.

Virginia Beach Chiropractor
ProAdjuster Technology & Treatment Plans You Control

Our Virginia Beach chiropractors practice a variety of techniques. Our clinic is the only one in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area that also uses the ProAdjuster. The ProAdjuster is a computerized tool that delivers gentler, more effective treatments without twisting or quick movements. It uses computer analysis and allows the chiropractor detailed information about your progress and helps to treat your problem issues in a customized format. More about the ProAdjuster.

Treatment Plans You Control

Unlike some practices, we do not force you to sign contracts or otherwise lock you in to inflexible treatment schedules. After your initial assessment by our Virginia Beach chiropractors, we will give you our expert recommendations. Ultimately, your treatment schedule is up to you

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