The ProAdjuster Difference

While our Virginia Beach Chiropractic clinic does offer traditional manual chiropractic adjustments, the majority of our patients opt for treatment using the ProAdjuster. The Pulstar and ProAdjuster system, developed by engineer Dr. Joseph Evans, at his company Sense Technology. The ProAdjuster is a chiropractic tool that offers gentle, effective treatment without the twisting and quick movements that some people dislike about manual adjustments.

The Pulstar ProAdjuster technology operates on the same principles as traditional chiropractic, only it uses computer analysis to make more detailed assessments and provide customized treatment. Sense Technology has been the leading technological tool in chiropractic care, since its invention years ago.

The ProAdjuster tool is remarkable, extremely accurate and does a phenomenal job at detecting spinal issues and also treating them. The one, two punch of analysis and treatment gets amazing results with patients in a fast, accurate manner. Surveys have demonstrated that 93% of patients who have received chiropractic care prefer the Pulstar Proadjuster to any other type of chiropractic treatment they have ever experienced. Feel free to search Dr. Joseph Evans’ amazing technological advances in spinal rehabilitation and other aspects of the medical field on the internet.

Watch a demonstration of the ProAdjuster in the above video.

The ProAdjuster Pulstar System

ProAdjuster Pulstar System

ProAdjuster Accurate Assessment

When a chiropractor checks your spine before treatment, he is using his well-trained sense of touch to determine how stiff or fluid your joints are. In a typical ProAdjuster treatment, the chiropractor uses the ProAdjuster tool to do the same thing, only the tool’s computerized sensors allow him to get a more precise reading for each joint, identifying problem areas more quickly.

These readings are mapped out on a computer chart, allowing you to see for yourself which joints in your spine have the correct range of motion. The chiropractor, and even yourself, can visually see which joints are too mobile, or too stiff.

ProAdjuster Gentle Treatment

Using the same ProAdjuster tool, the chiropractor can now treat problem areas using the precise amount of force needed. The ProAdjuster delivers a series of gentle impulses to problem joints. The gentle, carefully targeted impules, reduce the pressure on nerves. In turn, this relieve pain and stress on the problem areas, and allows each nerve to heal. ProAdjuster treatments are effective and gentle enough to be used on young children and on people with osteoporosis.

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