Pinched Nerves in the Neck

Pinched nerves can be a real pain in the neck! Furthermore, In this article we will explain what pinched nerves in the neck do to our bodies and what can be done about it!

Pinched Nerves in the Neck

Pinched Nerves in the Neck

What is a pinched nerve?

The brain communicates with the rest of the body through an intricate nervous system network. In addition the spine those nerves are protected by the spine. If the spine isn’t moving properly it can put extra pressure on those nerves. If it puts too much pressure on the nerve, we say that the nerve has become “pinched.”

How does it become pinched?

A nerve can become pinched many different ways. It can be due to repetitive trauma while working, or due to an injury sustained in a car accident. It may also be caused from sleeping wrong! These actions can shift the bones in the neck slightly out of place. Then that shift can put pressure on the nerve, which leads to pain and discomfort.

What happens if I have a pinched nerve in the neck?

A pinched nerve in the neck may have several effects on the body. Then it can cause the muscles in the neck to tighten up, making it difficult and painful to turn the head. Then this is a condition known as torticollis. as a result if the muscles are too tight, they can constrict blood vessels which can cause headaches. If the nerve is pinched just right it may lead to tingling or numbness into the arms and hands. A pinched nerve in the neck can be quite debilitating and should be evaluated at by a professional.

Who should I go to if I have a pinched nerve?

A great place to start if you think you have a pinched nerve in your neck, is your local chiropractic office! Then a chiropractor has been trained to delicately handle and adjust pinched nerves of all sorts! They have trained for years to be able to properly put misaligned bones back into place. In general appointments are quick and the adjustments are fairly painless. They are able to help without the use of any drugs, shots, or surgeries. If you or a loved one in your life is suffering from a pinched nerve in the neck, make sure to set up a chiropractic appointment right away!