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Doctor Maggio
Before you schedule an appointment, here is some useful information about Doctor James Maggio, Virginia Beach Chiropractor. Doctor Maggio is dedicated to helping people find relief from pain and achieve healthier lifestyles. Patients often want to know more about Doctor Maggio. He is careful to listen to what his patients say, takes time to explain things in plain English, and allows patients to decide for themselves what kind of treatment plan they would like to follow. For some fast pain relief is desired. For other patients pain relief and long term health goals are their concerns. Doctor Maggio excels at listening to his patients tell him what their priorities are, so he can give his patients the best possible recommendations for their health goals.

Doctor Maggio is well-known in chiropractor circles, as he has trained more than 10,000 chiropractors throughout the country on how to properly use the ProAdjuster. He has counseled other medical professionals on how to run efficient clinics and how to improve the patient experience. Doctor Maggio is also well-respected in the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach area medical community, often teaching continuing education classes to physicians and consistently receiving patient referrals from primary care physicians, neurologists, and orthopedic surgeons.

Doctor Maggio can often be found giving health education presentations in Virginia Beach area businesses, churches and other organizations. His most popular health talk is about maintaining peak energy at the workplace. Doctor Maggio began developing that program series in 1997. It is a lecture that the attendees not only thoroughly enjoy, but also allows them to begin implementing health care tips, immediately. Lets face it – energy is king. It takes effort for you to invest time in your life to achieve peak energy. Proadjuster Chiropractic Clinic’s Doctor Maggio makes it simple. His seminars address multiple tips and each tip is explained in detail for you. Do yourself a well deserved favor – attend one of Doctor Maggio’s seminars, and feel great!

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Also serving Kempsville, VA  https://proadjusterchiropractorvirginiabeach.com/kempsville-chiropractic/

In his free time, you will find Doctor Maggio at the Outer Banks enjoying the beach or fishing with his wife Sara and children Nicole and Anthony, living life to the fullest.

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