Proadjuster Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Written Patient Testimonials

“I had back surgery in 1986, and have had recurring low back problems since I was 18 years old. I first learned of Dr. Maggio’s ProAdjuster technique in 2004, and the results were the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever experienced. I have been a loyal customer for the last 7 years, and every time I have a lower black flare up I quickly make an appointment to see Dr. Maggio, and without fail, he brings me back to normal almost immediately. I cannot give a stronger endorsement to the Dr Maggio, the ProAdjuster technique, and his incredibly customer-friendly staff.” /// Dick

“Everyone at the Proadjuster Clinic is committed to healing. The positive and super-friendly environment is part of that healing process. Thanks to Dr. Maggio and everyone else who cares for us, we are in a better place … both in the office and in our individual lives!!” /// Leslie

“Two years ago I re-injured my neck and a co-worker recommended Dr Maggio. It was the best decision I ever could have made. Since coming to see him not only is my neck the best it’s felt in many years, my sinus issues have been cleared. When you come into the office everyone greets you by name and the staff is extremely friendly. I now bring my son to see him and recommend his practice to everyone I know. Thank you Dr Maggio!!!” /// Jim

“I couldn’t turn my neck to the left and right and lived with it like that for years. Dr. Maggio is at the top of his game and has a great personality—he never minds explaining things to me. His staff is very well trained—very friendly—when they say they’ll get back to me, they always do! I feel so much better now—I’m really happy!” /// Julie

“I am a nurse and I have always had headaches and lower back pain. I always figured that it was just normal to have aches and pains. I’ve been seeing Dr. Maggio for almost a year and I feel soo much better. I do not have the headaches and neck pain anymore like I used to. He told me that I wouldn’t believe how much better I would feel until he started to fix me. I do not have to take pain relievers like I used to and suffer with awful headaches. My lower back issues have started to get better and I sleep much better. I do not toss and turn like before … but my back gets a lot of strain at work so I expect some pain there. I suggest this office to anyone that hurts and has aches and pains on a daily basis. This office cares about all of there patients and want to see you well. Once they have adjusted you just right, than they can maintain your alignment of you spine and you can feel brand new. Thank you ProAdjuster!!” /// Aarika

“I was headed for neck surgery after dealing with a fallen tree during Isabel. My wife talked me into visiting Dr. Maggio and the result was amazing. I have completely recovered from the injury and no longer need surgery. I love the staff and unique ‘Maggio humor.’” /// David

“It’s easy to make an appointment. Dr. Maggio understands the busy schedules of his clients. I have been a client for over 15 years. I walk in with pain and walk out without pain! I love the ProAdjuster machine.” /// Debbie

“I used to get really bad headaches almost 5x a week. Since starting treatment, my headaches are almost completely gone and I feel wonderful. Thank you so much for help. I love the ProAdjuster treatments and the great staff!!!” /// Desiree

Testimonials From Google

“Dr Maggio and the ENTIRE ProAdjuster staff are very friendly and helpful. It is a pain in the backside for me to make time in my schedule to fit in appointments but they have been very understanding and have worked w/ me to get to our common goal. My back feels better and my energy has improved as well. I’m lucky to have come across Dr Maggio!”

“I love Dr. Maggio and all the staff that work with him, they’re all wonderful! Also, I love the Proadjuster because it allows my back to be corrected without having to crack it. I highly recommend Dr. Maggio’s chiropractic clinic.”

“Proadjustor Chiropractic Clinic is my hero! I couldn’t bend over without pain when I found them. Just 4 weeks later I was back to my old self. Dr Maggio is awesome and so is the staff. Everyone knows me by name. I would and have recommended them to my friends.”

“Dr. Maggio & his entire staff maintains a great environment for healing! Thanks very much! I see a long & healthy relationship.”

“I was previously hellbent against going to a chiropractor after I thought so many of my friends got ‘hooked’ on it. Well after an accident I find myself here and loving my treatment. I don’t know how I would have recovered without Dr. Maggio.”

“Easy to get to, great staff, wonderful doctors, great result, thanks for getting rid of my knee problem.”

“I would suggest Dr. Maggio’s office to anyone. Staff is great and they have definitely helped my back.”

“Thank you Dr. Maggio for helping with my back. I love the ProAdjuster systems; it went right to the problem. What a wonderful experience with fast pain relief and an outstanding friendly staff.”

“Awesome! I went to him 12 years ago after an injury. He fixed me. So I didn’t hesitate to call again.”

“Dr. Maggio and his group are very knowledgeable and friendly. I got recommended by a friend and am very glad I decided to check them out!”

“Extremely pleasant office, with great results and the best technology to help me get better.”

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