Health Lectures and Demonstrations – From Local Virginia Beach Chiropractor Dr Maggio of ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Maggio regularly lectures and gives informative health presentations at local businesses, organizations, churches and professional groups throughout the year. We care about our community and want to give people the tools to lead healthier, happier and fuller lives. Below are some of our most popular lecture series and events.

Peak Energy

Our most popular health presentation is the Peak Energy Solutions Lecture series in which Dr. Maggio talks about achieving peak energy, stress reduction, healthy ways to lose weight, posture enhancement, natural ways to end headaches, children’s health, nutrition and other health-related topics. If you find that you are lacking the amount of energy that you need to get through the day, then the Peak Energy Solution lecture is for you! Dr. Maggio will explain how to incorporate 7 specific steps that will allow you to function at your peak energy:

Step 1: Portioned Eating
Step 2: Water Intake
Step 3: Supplements
Step 4: Rest
Step 5: Stress Reduction
Step 6: Stretching
Step 7: Time Management

To learn more, contact our office to find out when and where the next presentation will be held. Better yet, talk to us about hosting a Peak Energy Solution lecture at your business so that your company can truly benefit from this program. This health presentation is most effective in small groups of up to fifty people, and Dr. Maggio can customize the lecture for specific audience needs.

Watch this video for more information:

Chiropractic Basics Workshop

Hosted on a weekly basis at Dr. Maggio’s office, this informative workshop will educate you on the basics of chiropractic and the ProAdjuster lifestyle. Dr. Maggio will show you the ProAdjuster in action and show you how you can:

• Improve your health
• Stay healthier longer
• Spend less money on healthcare

Attending this workshop might be the first step you take to improve your life! Contact us today and get scheduled to attend an in-office workshop.

Massage Day

Another popular program we offer is Massage Day. Those who participate are eligible for a 5- to 7-minute stress reduction massage in exchange for a small donation to charity. This feels great and the participants love it. Contact us to find out when the next Massage Day will be held.

Food Bank Outreach

As part of Dr. Maggio’s community outreach program, the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic works directly with the food bank of South Eastern Virginia. At least 3 or 4 times a month Dr. Maggio volunteers his time to collect canned food and/or monetary donations for the needy.

Interested in participating in one of these events? Contact us for details!

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