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Chiropractic techniques can grant relief to all sorts of pains and ailments. Each year, millions of Americans suffer from headaches, back pain, muscle strain and more. Whether it is through injury, stress, or the strain from working office jobs, poor posture habits are so common in our culture. In short, the modern American lifestyle can cause a lot of pain. Learning about chiropractic can alleviate pain and enrich your daily life. What can you learn about chiropractic?

In many cases, this kind of pain is treatable. We have seen hundreds of patients find relief from these conditions, and more, through the aid of chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a drug-free, natural approach to pain relief and health care. Chiropractors believe in finding and treating the root of pain, not just masking symptoms with painkillers. Chiropractors focus on the nervous system, particularly the spinal cord housed in the spine. When joints in the spine or neck get out of place, they can put unnatural pressure on nerves. This improper joint motion that affects nerves, called “subluxation” in chiropractic terminology, can impact the way nerves relay messages and can cause chronic pain.

Chiropractic care focuses on getting the spine aligned correctly, freeing up nerves to do their job and relieve pain. While years of incorrect spinal alignment will not be completely corrected in one or two sessions, many of our patients begin to feel immediate relief, many times even after the first session. Review some of our patient testimonials to see how immediate relief has been for many of our Virginia Beach Chiropractic Clinic.

Conditions in which we consistently see improvement include:
• Low back pain
• Headaches
• Neck pain
• Shoulder pain
• Leg and knee pain
• Arm and elbow pain
• Sports injuries
• Accident injuries
• Disc and arthritis issues

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Chiropractic B.A.M. Concept

Chiropractic is a physical form of healing the body. Chiropractic care consists of improving and maintaining the vertebral structure of the spine. The vertebral structure of the spine includes proper spinal hygiene such as proper mobility, proper muscle tone, and ligamental balance. The concept of B.A.M. explains spinal structure in a nut shell.

“B” stands for Balance: Your spine is a major aspect of the balance in your body. By having your spine balanced properly your body can maintain proper weight and stress equally, on your left and right side of the body. Having that equal balance, on the left and right side of the body, can distribute weight and stress amongst your knees, hips and sacroiliac joints bilaterally. This prevents premature arthritis and wearing out of the joints.

“A” stands for Alignment: Alignment means that your spinal vertebrae are lined up correctly throughout your spine. Having proper alignment allows nerve function to work as best as possible. When nerve function is working well, your body is designed to feel good and function properly.

“M” stands for Motion: This is the most important aspect of the B.A.M. concept. Motion means that your spinal joints are all moving properly. By having your spinal joints moving properly it allows fluid levels to be maintained in your discs. The discs are the cushion of your spine that separates the vertebrae. By having the discs properly filled with fluid, it creates a cushion where the nerves come exit. Having a big cushion around the nerves prevents pinching and irritation of the nerve structures. This allows your muscles to maintain a loosed relaxed state, which always feels better than feeling uptight, with muscle tenseness and spasms.

Chiropractic care finds challenges with balance, alignment and motion and either by hand, or with a chiropractic tool, or instrument, can help restore functions to these areas. Proper chiropractic care and attention to the B.A.M. concept allows the body to work as best as possible.

Holistic Health Care

Virigina Beach Chiropractic careWhile we are very serious about targeting and relieving specific conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and more, in the long run chiropractic is focused on the big picture of health. We believe when your spine is aligned correctly and your nerves are unhindered from doing their jobs, your general health and energy levels will be much better.

In dealing with chiropractic, we sometimes see improvement in the following conditions in addition to pain relief:

• Fatigue
• Sleep difficulty
• Allergies & sinus problems
• Mood swings

To learn more of the added health benefits of chiropractic care, see the Good Health section.

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