Chiropractor Virginia Beach

Looking for a Virginia Beach chiropractor? We also serve Norfolk and the greater Hampton Roads area. Proadjuster Chiropractic Clinic offers advanced chiropractic technology and unmatched customer service. What does that mean? Dr. Maggio’s office and staff are the local medical doctors’ choice for chiropractors in the Virginia Beach area.

From our friendly, highly trained and caring staff to our on-time, no-wait clinic, you are safe in our care. You can count on a great experience when you come in for treatment. We offer both traditional and computerized chiropractic adjustments (Pulstar ProAdjuster system), depending on your needs and preferences.

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We accept and handle cases for insured patients, including those with high-deductible plans. We are also non-insured friendly. If you are here because of an auto accident, we can help with the details.

Schedule an appointment today with ProAdjuster Chiropractic. We are recognized to be the medical doctors’ choice for Virginia Beach chiropractor care.

Learn more about what sets our Virginia Beach chiropractor clinic apart from the competition.

About Our Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractor Virginia Beach

Dr. Maggio’s office caters to patients referred by their medical doctors. Your primary care physicians are often overloaded in their office. They deal with patients who are having challenges with flu outbreak, blood pressure, neurological problems, depression, anxiety and more. In other words, let us face it – they are busy. As an office, we know it takes some time to get an appointment with your medical doctor. Many times, we wait to see if an injury, or pain, will heal on its own. When it does not, time becomes a critical factor in getting relief.

When it comes to back pain, headaches, and chronic neck issues, these conditions are typically assigned a lower degree of importance. Medical conditions deemed less important are considered lower priority for treatment. So, by the time a patient can get into their medical doctor for an appointment, many will have been already suffering for months and months.

If you see your medical doctor for pain issues, typically, one of the first lines of defense prescribed could be a course of medications. If those medications fail to work, as many times they do, the patient continues to suffer. That is why it is our office policy to strive to schedule new patients within 48 hours of referral. We take this extra effort, so that we can start your pain relief and spinal rehabilitation right away. We want to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Schedule an appointment today with ProAdjuster Chiropractic. We are recognized as the medical doctors’ choice for Virginia Beach chiropractor care.

Learn more about what sets our Virginia Beach chiropractor clinic apart from the competition.

About Virginia Beach Chiropractor Dr. Maggio

Dr. James Maggio has been treating patients since 1995. He is well-known and highly respected among chiropractors throughout the country. Dr. Maggio has delivered more than 120,000 treatments during his career. He can often be found in the giving educational health seminars in the Virginia Beach community. Learn more about Virginia Beach chiropractor, Dr. Maggio.

We also serve patients in the Kempsville VA area

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About Virginia Beach Chiropractor Dr. Hollingshead

Dr. RyanHollingshead is no new-comer when it comes to chiropractic medicine. He began working for a chiropractor in his hometown of Buchanan, Michigan when he was 17 years old. The experiences he gleamed from there would propel him forward and helped him to pursue his own career in the chiropractic field. After graduating high school, he spent four years at a local community college and then transferred to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He spent five years developing his trade and specializing in a myriad of chiropractic adjustment techniques including Activator, Diversified, and Thompson. He graduated with his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2018.

While attending Palmer, Dr. Hollingshead met his wife Kenna who was attending a nearby college. The love and support she gave him helped him through his schooling and even now supports him in his career. The two moved from Iowa to Virginia in the Fall of 2018 and love living on the East coast! In their spare time, they enjoy going for walks around Mt Trashmore, and taking their dog (Lydia) to the beach. Dr. Hollingshead also enjoys riding his motorcycle, solving puzzles, and playing computer games.

Dr. Hollingshead strives to give each and every patient the best care possible. He is attentive to detail and will more often than not, crack a “Dad” joke. Through caring, compassion, and chiropractic care, there are few obstacles that he isn’t up to tackling. You can find him around and about at the Pro Adjuster Chiropractic Clinic most days of the week! Stop in to see how he can get your back, back on track!

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