Orthotics is a specialty that deals with external devices to help modify, adjust, or support an area of your neuromuscular and skeletal system. Things like cervical support pillows, shoe inserts and similar can help a patient recover faster. Orthotics can help you heal quicker and their benefits can outlast the recovery. Many times, orthotics will address some problems before they even happen. The use of orthotics can lessen pain, and even correct and help you avoid long term injuries and related pain.

Proper balance is extremely important, from the feet up. If a person has a deficit in the way they walk, or stand, it can greatly affect their ankles, knees, feet, hips, low back, shoulders and neck. One of the things that Dr. Maggio does, at the Proadjuster Chiropractic Clinic of Virginia Beach, is to check your posture. Dr. Maggio is looking to see if any enhanced stabilization, orthotics products can help the patient recover faster. Orthotics products can also help patients maintain their adjustments longer.

The longer you maintain your adjustments, the less care you need in the office. For example, if a person walks with their toes flared out forty-five degrees laterally, instead of pointing straight ahead where they are going, it will curve the knees and hips outward. Causing the knees and hips to flare outward flattens the lumbar spine. When the lumbar spine is flattened, it causes the muscles in the low back to work extra hard to support the body. Inevitably, that system will fail causing a lack of strength in the spinal core. In turn, that will lead to rounded shoulders and forward head tilt. At this point of imbalance, the body is prone to chronic headaches.

The foot bones connected to the leg bone, the leg bones connected to the knee bone. Remember that song? Well, although a fun song to teach children about their bodies, there is a lot of benefits to remembering, as an adult, that everything is, in fact, connected, and an imbalance affects the entire system. A flaw in your skeletal structure and support will, eventually, lead to all sorts of other issues. Having improper support from your feet can, eventually, work its way up your legs, torso and neck. As many know, chiropractic issues in the neck can cause severe headaches, pain in your spine, and even other body ailments. Dr. Maggio recommends orthotics devices designed to help balance any deficits, allowing your posture to improve. Paying attention to, and correcting these imbalances, will help your chiropractic adjustments be more effective, and hold longer.

Our Virginia Beach Chiropractic Clinic Offers Helpful Orthotic Products, Including:

Foot Orthotics Virginia Beach ChiropractorStepAdjuster Foot Orthotics

An imbalance in your feet can cause a chain reaction that can sabotage your posture. Bad posture can cause pain in your legs, back, neck and even your head. If, during your consultation, we discover posture imbalances that stem from foot problems, we can help. We can recommend some customized StepAdjuster orthotic inserts to get your body aligned correctly. StepAdjuster orthotics inserts help to maintain the three-arched support structure of your feet, the plantar vault.

Made by Foot Levelers, Inc;, the StepAdjuster Foot Orthotics for feet are a quality product backed by extensive research and design. Even if your foot posture does not need medical correction, you may benefit from using a shoe insert. If you use the proper shoe insert for your situation, they can be a delightful way to treat your feet to something comfortable, cushiony and relaxing. Dr. Maggio will discuss whether you would benefit from a StepAdjuster Foot Orthotic, so be sure to get his expert advice on how to help your posture, and alleviate related aches and pains.

orthotic pillow virginia beach chiropractorChiroflow Water Pillow

Our Virginia Beach Chiropractic office can also order you a Chiroflow water pillow. Offered exclusively by chiropractors, this the Chiroflow Water Pillow is a must have to augment for chiropractic treatments. For many patients, a Chiroflow water pillow may help the situation. The comfortable, Chiroflow water-filled pillow supports the cervical spine, and is clinically proven to help relieve neck pain caused by stress, injuries or arthritis. Order one for yourself, your family and your friends.

A Chiroflow water pillow helps to correct your sleeping posture, giving you a better night sleep, and give you confidence that your neck, back and spine are in proper alignment while you sleep. It is designed to adjust to any patient. No need for special sizing. Order a Chiroflow water pillow from Dr. Maggio today. It will help you body wake up happy and refreshed each day.

If you would like to learn more about orthotic products, ask us during your next appointment, or contact us now.

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