glucosamine tablets



Dr. James Maggio from the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic of Virginia Beach explains why glucosamine is so important spinal health and to help with low back pain and neck pain.

There are many supplements available to aid your short term and long term care goals. One of the most commonly recommended supplements for muscular skeletal problems is Glucosamine. It is a fantastic supplement that has many benefits.


It is often recommended for joint pain and arthritis. Gs helps keep the cartilage in the joints thick and healthy. As we get older  levels drop in people so this can accelerate joint degeneration. Some studies show that Gs helps negate the thinning of the joints. Also Glucosamine has been shown to ease the pain of arthritis in many places in the body.


To date almost all studies show that Gs will slow or stop the degeneration of the joints and some studies show that it can actually reverse the degeneration of the joints. Speak with your doctor about the dosage that you should take and if there are any other ancillary supplements you should be taking to go along with your Gs. Side effects from Gs are very, very mild, but always speak with your physician before embarking on any new supplement protocol.

Glucosamine is a supplement and is not a drug. It is illegal  market any dietary supplement as a treatment for any symptom .Gs is marketed to prevent loss of joint integrity and osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine, is prescribed with chondroitin.  It is also used with heat or ice.  Ben gay type rubs can also be used.  Physcial therapy and chiropractic may also be recommended.

joint problems and pain can be overwhelming.  Any help you can receive will be helpful.  Speak with your doctor concerning your options.  Pain does not have to effect you.