Find a Chiropractor

Find a Chiropractor

Recommendations for a Good Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a profession with a wide variety of practice techniques. This can make it a challenge to select the best chiropractor. In order to find a chiropractor, the best place to start is with a Primary Care Physician. A Physical Therapist or Spine Specialist may also have a good recommendation. It also helps to ask friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Although, it is important to be Read more

Chiropractic Adjustments for You

Chiropractic Adjustments

Get the Right Chiropractic Adjustment for You

The chiropractic profession was founded in 1895. Chiropractors perform adjustments. These adjustments manipulate the spine. Manipulation of the spine alleviates pain. It also helps to improve joint function. Practitioners use a variety of techniques. Some use hands on techniques. Others may use instruments. It is important to know the difference between these techniques. Knowing Read more

Neck Therapy

Neck Therapy

Neck Pain

Poor posture can be a real pain in the neck. When the neck, chest and upper back muscles become weak, the shoulders can become round. This can cause the head to sag forward. This position is a result of poor posture. Poor posture can cause recurring chronic neck pain. This can also be accompanied by stiff joints and headaches. Fortunately, there is a variation of neck therapy that can be

applied to help relieve this pain.

What to Consider Before Starting Neck Therapy Read more

Treatment-Herniated Disc

Treatment-Herniated Disc

Treatment-Herniated Disc can be confusing.

The primary goal of treatment is to relieve pain. There are many different ways to relieve pain for a herniated disc. Each patient will have an Read more

spinal manipulations and diversity

spinal manipulations

Introduction: Spinal Manipulations

There are a hundred several types of spinal manipulations. These are used by chiropractors. The common goal of spinal manipulation is to restore joint function.  The focus is also to reduce joint inflammation. Spinal manipulations also help reduce pain. Some approaches of spinal Read more

Back Injury Treatment For You

Back Injury Treatment

Back Problems and Injuries

Most people have back pain at one time or another. Symptoms can develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse or injury. Back injury can cause problems from the neck to the tailbone. The back includes bones of the spine (vertebrae). It includes the discs that separate the Read more

wellness chiropractic

Wellness Chiropractic

Wellness chiropractic is an unique aspect of health and well being.

What is  Chiropractic Care?

Wellness chiropractic is an important component of overall health. Wellness chiropractic treatment can maintain improvement made during Read more