Headache causes

Headache causes are very complicated..  When a patient is properly diagnosed on what causes headaches, results can come quickly.

Recently I came across an article on Yahoo Health Concerning Headaches 10 Surprising facts about Headaches. At this time I would like to discuss the first five.  Headaches causes can be complicated.

  1. Sinus headaches are rare. It shows up to 88% of alleged sinus headaches are actually migraine headaches. If you think you have a sinus headache you should actually talk to your doctor concerning these because it could be a more serious migraine headache.

2. Processing 3D images at the movies or at home can trigger headaches. If you have the option between a 3D movie or a regular picture research shows that you are better off seeing the regular picture.

3.  Headaches can be triggered by flying. Ascending and descending due to pressure changes can cause a headache. The good news is that the headache normally only lasts up to 20 minutes.

4. Bug Spray: Exposure to the insecticides on bug spray can also trigger headaches.  It is recommended to use organic based bug spray.

5. High Cholesterol can cause headaches: If you are in your 60’s and are beginning to get headaches make sure you have your cholesterol checked. A recent study demonstrated that there is a direct link between cholesterol and headaches.

Please look into any concerns with your primary doctor or myself to find out what could be causing your headaches.