PREGNANCY and Medications

PREGNANCY can be overwhelming.  New feelings, responsibilities, and sleepless nights can all be an issue. Watching you is equally important.  You should make sure that all of your doctors know you are pregnant.  Make sure a new inventory all all of your medications is up to date.  Do  not fail to report your over the counter medications and vitamins and minerals.  Often patients will forget to inform their doctors of all the now prescribed medications. This can be an issue for you and your child to be.  also make sure all herbal remedies are also discussed

hints for new moms to be can be explained by your pcp, obgyn, and other physicians. also keep your parent and loved ones up to date on your status to du=discuss any new issues and changes to your condition.  Having a support team can work well for your success

Did you know that most pregnant women receive medications during their pregnancy.  Please speak with all of your doctors to discuss this before filling prescriptions.  It is always a good idea to let all of your physicians know all of your prescriptions and all of your over the counter meds.  Please review the below article:

medications and pregnacy