Blood pressure

Can chiropractic care help blood pressure is a question that patients ask often.

Most people would never consider going to a chiropractic for blood pressure issues. However, there has been numerous studies showing that when patients are under chiropractic care their blood pressure instantly changes for the better. Long term affects can also be very beneficial for patients with high blood pressure. How does this work? Why does this work? The answer is quite simple when a person is in pain their blood pressure almost always rises. If a patient is under chiropractic care and their pain reduces or is eliminated completely then their reaction no longer exist or is dampened therefore helping lower the blood pressure.

If a friend or family member you know has pain issues whether it is in their spine, knee, shoulder, neck, hips or feet and has a blood pressure issue it may benefit them to get checked by a chiropractor to see if they can have their pain reduced and possibly lower their blood pressure as well. Chiropractic is not a cure for high blood pressure however sometimes can be quite helpful.  Chiropractic care help blood pressure is a complex situation that goes beyond the scope of this article.



Chiropractic help blood pressure