headache treatment options

Headache Treatment options Part II

Headache treatment options can be very confusing.

Recently I came across an article on Yahoo Health Concerning Headaches 10 Surprising facts about Headaches. In my last blog we spoke of 5/10 Causes of Headaches. Today I would like to address the last five.

6. Headaches may be genetic.  It is estimated that 15% of all people who suffer migraines have ea hereditary link to it.

7. Alcohol can trigger headaches.  Alcohol will dehydrate your body and when the muscles of the head are dehydrated you can have pain and headache symptoms.

8. Botox can treat headaches: Best known as a wrinkle remover Botox can temporarily paralyze the muscles that are achy during a headache. This can cause temporary relief. While effective the side affects of this are still unknown.

9. Soldiers returning from Iraq are experiencing headaches.  Up to 1/3 of all soldiers returning from war are experiencing headaches due to the bomb blasts while in combat. Treatment includes stress reduction, chiropractic care, and medication.

10. Sex can cause headaches. Men are more likely to get theses headaches than women. Two types of headaches are related to sexual activity dull ache that develops during sex and one that develops following sex. Sex enhancing drugs can also cause headaches prior to sex.


Taking all of this into account obviously headaches are a complicated matter and having headaches is definitely not normal and should be discussed with your doctor and/or chiropractor to determine appropriate treatment