Relief Low Back Pain

A study was just referenced in yahoo on Relieve Low Back Pain.  It was a study that was performed Greg Kawchuk, a professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Alberta and co-author of the study.  The study determined that some patients with low back pain get relief with chiropractic care

Relief Low Back Pain

while some do not.  This is not necessarily ground breaking news.  The study will now shift gears to see if other modalities can help these patients as well.  So what does this mean for you?

Chiropractic care can relief low back pain.  Step one is always the importance of the first visit. A first visit should include a thorough consultation.  The  consultation should include  questions to assist the doctor.  The doctor should  determine if the consultation gives enough evidence to warrant a chiropractic exam.  If an exam is indicated, the doctor should perform one.  A chiropractic exam should always include range of motion studies of the low back.  The range of motion studies attempt to determine which motions replicates the pain.  Sometimes orthopedic tests are performed to narrow done if the pain is from a mussed, a joint, and or a disc. This assists the doctor to determine if the patient will need chiropractic care, physical therapy, a surgical consultation and/or other therapies for the low back.   sometimes x-rays are indicated.  X-rays can tell how much arthritis there is in the spine.  Arthritis in the spin can tell how much wear and tear there is to the low back.  some patients also require MRI or cat scans to further visualize the problem.

The most important part of a chiropractic exam is palpation.  Palpations is when the doctor feels the area of pain.  This will let the doctor know if there is a muscle spasm and swelling.  It will also let the doctor know if there is restricted motion of a joint that is pinching a nerve.  Pinched nerves are what chiropractors treat.  We use a computerized instrument to assist in the palpation.

The only way to determine if chiropractic can help, is to have a complete examination by a trained chiropractor.

This can see is Relief Low Back Pain is possible.

Low Back Pain

The history of the various treatments of low back pain has been marked by political fights. In the 1980s, a political event spurred a massive change concerning organized medicine’s outward disrespect for chiropractors. The American Medical Association was sued for anti-trust violations, and the chiropractic profession won. For the first time, the public, open anti-chiropractic slander that had appeared on billboards, in magazine articles, and in TV and radio advertisements was prohibited.

Research since

In 1994 the United Kingdom and the US almost simultaneously published official guidelines for the treatment of acute low back pain. Both documents reported of chiropractic treatment, as a first choice in the treatment of acute low back pain.

For the first time, a non-chiropractic group had recommended chiropractic based on researched data that overwhelmingly supported spinal adjustment as an effective, SAFE, and much less expensive form of care when compared to all the other treatment approaches that the health care consumer can choose from.

Research has continued to pour in and recently, similar recommendations were made for the treatment of chronic low back pain. In addition, when guidelines were reviewed, continued support of the 1994 guidelines for acute low back pain was again found to be valid with little change required.

According to the published guidelines, ALL patients with acute and chronic low back pain should seek out professionals who perform spinal adjusting as a primary initial treatment.

If this guideline was followed by medical providers, there would be a shortage of chiropractors, and it would become one of the most desirable professions to seek vocationally.

Improved education on low back pain treatment

Unfortunately, many M.D.s do not know enough about chiropractic since it isn’t a part of the core curriculum of medical training, and thus medical physicians typically don’t recommend it to their inquiring patients. That’s why our office goes out of its way to educate M.D.s in our community about the benefits of and research supporting chiropractic care.

Interestingly enough, some programs are now including “alternative medicine” courses in the curriculum of undergraduate M.D. programs, and rotations in alternative or complementary health services are offered as a post-graduate option in some university hospital settings.

This is reflected by an increasing population of M.D.s who actively seek out chiropractors to work with when patients present with conditions like acute or chronic back pain, neck pain, or headaches.

The M.D./D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) relationship is truly improving as noted by the inclusion of chiropractic into hospital programs, integration into military bases and VA hospitals, routine coverage by insurance companies and the designation of chiropractic as an essential health benefit under the rules of the Affordable Care Act.

Rest assured, if you are considering chiropractic for your spine care needs, you’ve made a smart decision.


low back pain

The following link contains some information from web md about low back pain.

Pain Medications

pain medications

pain medications

There are many pain medications that can be prescribed. Pain medications mostly work. Unfortunately pain medications also have many side effects. When a person is taking long term chronic pain medication they must weigh the benefits with the risks. One of the most important things you can do is speak with your doctor or pharmacist about the risks of certain pain medications. This can be complicated by other medications you are taking. Do not forget to monitor your over the counter medications as well. When combining over the counter medications with prescription medications the results can be negated. There are many pain medications that can be prescribed.

Over the counter drugs are available. They are all different. They can react with your prescription medications. Monitor your prescriptions.

In todays world research about pain medications can be simple. Try and avoid newer medications where their risks are not yet determined. Also try to supplement your diet with foods that are anti-inflammatory. Many people have less pain when they reduce the gluten intake in their diet. Gluten products can increase inflammation in the body. When inflammation is increased the pain will be magnified. There are many options and alternatives for pain medications research on these topics are readily available. There are many pain medications that can be prescribed.

Acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the two main types pain relief medications. They are both over the counter products.

However, not all pain relievers do this in the same way. Different pain relievers affect the body differently. Different pain medications can have different side effects.

These products are effective at relieving pain. Different people can responds to them the same way. “So if one type of pain reliever doesn’t work for you, another might,” says Bimal Ashar, MD, associate professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Side effects can occur. Please be careful.