Nutrition and Pizza

Any Pizza Day Is A Good Day?

Pizza is one of the most common and convenient foods eaten in America. How good is its nutrition.  Researchers and Dieticians basically have thrown their hands up and given up.  Instead of trying to limit pizzas nutritionists are now attempting to make them healthier. When examining habits of children 2 thru 19 an unhealthy trend has emerged. On days when kids eat pizza their saturated fat sodium intake was higher than days they don’t. Pizza made up 20% of calories on those days. Twenty percent more calories on pizza day which can be 2, 3, 4 or 5 times a week will grossly lead to more childhood obesity and more adult health issues. Nutrition must be address.


Nutrition and pizza

So what can you do as a parent? The best way to serve pizza is if you make it yourself. Purchasing pizzas with thinner crusts loaded with vegetables and limit the saturated fatty meats. If you want to make a pizza that has meats on it use high quality 93 percent and above chop meat to put on it. Low fat cheeses can also be added to reduce calories.

By utilizing these steps you can make the pizzas that you make at home 70 percent lower in saturated calories. What if you give in and order a pizza? Limit the meat toppings and stay away from cheese filled crusts. The more cheese the more calories and the worse off your child will be. Obviously being an example in front of your children on how to eat is the best way. But if you as an adult have a weight issue you are going to need some help as well. At our office we have multiple diet and nutritional programs available that can help you become the better role model for you children.

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