Neck  Stretches


neck stretches

Upper back stretches and neck stretches are good to do anytime. They are especially good if you are someone that is sitting at the computer all day. Long hours at your computer desk can tighten your upper back and neck muscles. The simple stretch Dr. Maggio shows in this video can help alleviate the tension. Give it a try. Dr. Maggio is available at the Virginia Beach Chiropractic Clinic, to talk to you more about what kinds of exercises are best for you.

There are so many stretches that are available it is almost sinful if you do not perform them. Why is it important to perform stretches? That is a good question. The main reason why is: almost every activity that we do tightens the muscles dramatically. The tightening of these muscles causes the body to compress where joints come closer and closer together.

When joint become closer together the body tenses more this stagnates circulation, changes hormonal levels in the body, and much more. What generally will concern me most about it is that it causes pain and tightening of the muscles and can cause localized trigger point activity. Trigger points are tight concentrated muscles that when you press on them they hurt. Performing stretches on a daily basis is a phenomenal way to keep your muscles loose and have better health. The video has one of my favorite stretches on it, please see me in our office if you have more questions on it.

In Virginia Beach, Virginia Dr. Maggio is a practicing chiropractor and has been in practice since 1995. Over this time he has treated patients for many different conditions but typically low back, neck pain, arthritis, disc issues and headaches.  Make sure that these maneuvers feel good.  Pain should not occur while stretching.