Chiropractors Primary Spinal Specialists

Are Chiropractors Primary Spinal Specialists? The answer is yes. Chiropractors are Primary Spinal Specialists  I have been in practice for over 20 years. Chiropractors are no doubt the experts

on treating spinal problems.  Chiropractors have  trained on helping people who have spinal problems. They have massive amounts of training on preventing them.  Spinal related disorders are the most common and costly problems in society.  Spinal related disorders affect almost every person at some point in their life. This disorder can cause spinal problems, neck headaches, and pain in the arms and/or legs. Over One hundred million dollars is spent annually on spinal related problems. From 1995-1997 the cost of treating spinal related problems has increased over 65 %.

In the late 1990’s the University of Ottawa did a study to determine the most cost effective way of treating spinal related problems.  They found was that the government would be able to save 12% of its annual health care budget by making chiropractors primary spine specialists. They concluded that chiropractic care for spinal related diseases was significantly more cost effective than medical care. They also found that the effectiveness was far better than medical care.

The safety of chiropractic care is far greater than any other form of treatment for the spine. This would also decrease health care costs.  Time has come for massive change in the way we treat spinal related disorders. It is time for policy makers to get serious about this.  They would billions and billions of dollars to the American consumers. It would make sense to have someone go to a primary spinal specialist if they had a spinal problem as opposed to seeing their primary medical doctor.  This could waste weeks and months of treatment. This can decrease prescriptions and unnecessary medical tests before they are finally sent to a chiropractor. Taking all this information into account the time has come for a much needed change.
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Spinal Stabilizers

Orthotics help stabilize the low back as described by Dr. Maggio of the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic Of Virginia Beach

Spinal Stabilizers are also known as orthotics. They can be extremely important in helping a person stabilize their back problems. Stabilizers are prescribed when a person has an imbalance in their feet and ankles. This can be aggravating their back issues. This is extremely important as back issues can worsen dramatically if your feet and ankles are not balanced properly.

There are podiatric orthotics that address an actual foot problem. Orthotics that are recommended at Chiropractic offices do not address feet problems. They do address instability of the foot that can cause an aggravation shock affect in the spine. Having an aggravated shock effect of the spine can cause extra distortion of the hips and back. This can aggravate and accelerate deteriation of spinal problems.

Having a foot issue of imbalance can cause extra aches and pains in the spine. Your care can develop more slowly. This can negate the positive influences of your treatment. Laser guided measurements can be taken to evaluate three main arches of the feet to determine if you would benefit from orthotics. There are many companies that recommend orthotics finding the right one for you is up to your health care provider.

Spinal Stabilizers are great. Spinal Stabilizers can remove hidden stresses. Hidden stresses can be leg pain. Hidden stresses can be hip pain. Spinal Stabilizers work to help improve these issues. The key to a healthy spine is balance. When spinal balance is improved, your back is better. Your improvement can greatly be improved with Spinal Stabilizers. The price of inserts vary greatly. When determining which is best for you, research is important. Discuss with your provider how they can help you. It can be very important.

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