Dilemma over high insurance deductibles

2015 is the second year of processing the Obama Affordable Health Care Act. High insurance deductibles are increasing.  As reported by news channel 13, doctors are noticing major differences in their practices based upon this new situation. Many physicians are now seeing previously uninsured patients who are now getting Medicaid and finally coming to their office for care. This is fantastic in theory, people who need help due to unfortunate situations are finally able to receive care, but it just doesn’t make sense. Not to treat someone who is suffering with the flu because they don’t have health care insurance and then having them end up being seen in a hospital for pneumonia as it progresses and gets worse . This simple example is unfortunately how health care works in the United States. If a person does not have insurance they will deal with the small problem until it finally gets out of hand. When it does get out of hand they have to receive treatment by either emergency rooms or high specialty doctors.

What does that mean financially for us? We have to pay for their medical bills. I would much rather pay for their treatment of the flu then to have to pay for their hospital stay due to progression of flu that turned into pneumonia which will need antibiotics, x-ray, and possible hospital stay. So for many people if you really look at Obama care that part makes sense. Unfortunately what Obama care did not address is what happens to everybody else.

How do we deal with that? Well the new trend is this, Middle class Americans are having a harder time paying for their health insurance. When Obama care kicked in the first thing that happened was that the people who had insurance experienced massive increases in their premiums and deductibles so now if someone has a high deducible plan they are reluctant to go to the doctor until their problem is out of control. So what we are seeing is people who have worked hard throughout their life to have health insurance in reality are not receiving the benefit of it.

This is a deep and common concern across the United States. Where employer plans cover over 60% of Americans working or about 150 million people. Coverage that did work now is not. So what does that mean for the health of people it means it is going to get worse. You see in the last 8 years the average deductible went from $580.00 to over $13,000 for individual coverage. Add to this cost co pays, coinsurance, and the high price of drugs and procedures not covered by the plan and it is just too much for most Americans.

So what does that mean for you? It means you are going to have to learn how to take better care of yourself. By taking better care of yourself you give yourself the ability to have a higher chance to stay out of the health care system. Obviously traumas, accidents, and unforeseen sicknesses, blood pressure issues, diabetes, or cancers have to be treated. However, taking better care of yourself will mean one thing, less visits to the doctor.

So if you are a person who does not take any supplements to help your immune system don’t complain when you get sick. If you have some forethought and take extra vitamin C when the flu is going around well that can be helpful but here is a better idea take supplement, exercise, mentally and physically relieve stress year round. You will have a lower chance of getting sick which means less trips to doctor. I often hear patients say I take supplement but my children don’t. Make sure they take supplements as well so that they don’t get sick either.

Embracing a wellness lifestyle is now and equally as important for your bank account as it is for your health and well being. This decision is up to you take care of yourself now before later. An example of how you can take better care of yourself now is periodic checks to your chiropractor. Chiropractic Patients all have less missed days from work, less medical bills, and lower prescription costs. Why does this happen? It is simple; maintaining proper mobility of spinal joints keeps arthritis away or at bay. Arthritis is one of the major health care costs in America today. Think about it folks pay a little bit now, or pay a lot later.

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