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If you struggle with neck and back pain you probably know how debilitating the pain can be. While the pain may be easily defined, you may not understand what the cause of the pain is.

Accidents and Injuries

sport injuries


The main objective of a chiropractor is to assess the condition of your spine and make the appropriate adjustments to maximize your body’s functionality. A common reason for neck and back pain is an accident or injury. While severe accidents, like a car collision, may result in immediate pain that due to the severity is treated, smaller accidents or injuries often go untreated.

Also, many of us do not follow through with our treatment, allowing for a misalignment of the spine causing a pinched nerve or a herniated disk. Even smaller accidents, like a fall, can cause neck and back pain that without chiropractic treatment only worsens.

Injuries from sports or activities are also a common cause for neck and/or back pain. Most sports that we enjoy involve a large range of motion. Think of golf. The golf swing deploys a large range of motion and calls on many muscles in your body. However, the driving force of the golf swing is the core and spine. As large as the golf swings range of motion is, so too is the room for error allowing for an injury to occur. Chiropractic care can prevent and heal injuries caused by sports or activities.



Posture plays a huge role in the alignment and overall health of your neck, back and even your entire body. Many people display bad posture with a hunching of the shoulders and a pronounced protrusion of the neck. This distributes the pressure and force incorrectly throughout our body causing increased tension on ligaments, disks, and muscles.

Technology may be making your life easier, but it also may be wreaking havoc on your back and neck. Many of us sit in front of a computer all day. This presents many problems.

First of them being our bodies were made to move. Sitting for extended periods of times decreases blood flow and can lead to pain and other medical complications.

Secondly, it is typical trend that when working on a computer you tend to hunch and roll your shoulders forward. Doing this for hours at a time can create unbalanced tension throughout your neck and back leading to pain. Many of us are also attached to our smart phones, texting, emailing, and watching movies. All of this present problems for our posture.

An accident, injury, or incorrect posture may be the reason you are experiencing back/neck pain. However, the easiest and most efficient way to diagnose and alleviate your back or neck pain is to see a chiropractor. Many variables are involved in how your body functions, making it important to see a chiropractor who can help you understand where you pain is coming from, and putting you on a path to recovery.

Better Posture

Check out the better posture tips offered by Dr. James Maggio of the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic of Virginia Beach. Dr. James Maggio explains a simple tip to help improve your posture. Before the “tip” he reveals the results of our patient contest.

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Good afternoon folks. Better posture is so important. I want to have “better posture” is a request patients often have.

Thanks for watching our video. The contest winner for the best drawing of Dr.Maggio has been announced. If you are unsure if you won or not come see Amber.

better posture

better posture

Moving on to our tip of the day! I want to share with you a tip I found that really helps patients in my office. I see this all the time in my practice, and I want you guys to keep an eye out of this. Especially for your kids. When people have poor posture, what happens is their head will tilt forward, their shoulders roll forward as well. And then they get into a habit of when they walk they are actually looking at the floor when they are walking. That is the worst thing for your spine. Looking at the floor can keep your shoulders rounding forward to increase your poor posture. What can be done about this?

So here is what I want you to try and do. When you are walking, make sure you are looking straight ahead, not down. When you are looking straight ahead your shoulders will naturally roll back, improving your posture. Remember, looking down is bad, looking straight ahead is good. When you are with your children, especially teenagers, they look down a lot. This makes the child slump forward and have poor posture. Try to make sure you have them roll their shoulders back and look straight ahead. Over time this will be second nature to them. This will improve their spinal health. That way in the future they will only see me to maintain their good spinal health not repair damage that may have been done. So the next time you are walking make sure you take note of where you are looking, and keep looking forward. Thanks so much for watching, have a great day!

neck and low back pain

How do medical doctors and chiropractors treat neck and low back pain?


How do medical doctors and chiropractors treat neck and low back pain

Dr. Maggio is the choice for many medical doctors for their patients chiropractic care. In today’s article what we would like to discuss is the different approaches between medical doctors and chiropractors when you are suffering with low back pain.

How do medical doctors and chiropractors treat neck and low back painWhen you go to a medical doctor with low back pain they are looking to help you get out of pain as quickly as possible. Medical doctors do a fantastic job at that with pain medications, narcotics, cortisone shots and nerve blocks. Patients can very typically feel better rather quickly with these types of medications. Like most people realize pain medications are not a long term solution to help with an ongoing back issue.

Once the pain medicine wears off or a person has a future aggravation the problem unfortunately will continue to worsen. In other words even during the time between pain episodes of a chronic back problem the condition of the discs and arthritis if present will always get worse.

Chiropractors look at this problem from a different perspective. Chiropractors not only want to get the patient feeling good as soon as possible, we want to find the cause of the problem. Chiropractors can help with pain immediately with things like spinal manipulation, muscle stimulation and physical therapy. Chiropractors can also refer to medical doctors if the patient needs pain medication. Chiropractors look for long term solutions, if that is what the patient is interested in.

One of the questions I commonly ask patients is when they have low back problems is what do they plan on doing physically in 20 years. In other words, if I have a patient who is 50 years old and who is content living their life by watching television then there is no need to fix and strengthen their problem. Pain relief is probably all they are after. However, if we have patients who are 50 years old and when they are 70 want to stay active by playing golf, sitting in church for an hour, playing with grandchildren getting them out of pain and stabilizing and strengthening their problem is a priority for them. Those patients want to live an active lifestyle as they get older.

In Virginia Beach, Dr. Maggio will explore both options with his patients so they may determine what kind of health care is best for them.