Signs You May Need To See A Chiropractor

Your body and brain are in constant communication, sending and receiving millions of messages a day. However, you may just not be in tune or paying attention to what your body is trying to tell you. Pain is one way your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.

signs you may need a chiropractor

Stiff and Soar

Feeling Stiff and Soar may be a daily occurrence for you, but it also may be a sign you need to see a chiropractor. It all depends on the frequency of your symptoms. If you are feeling stiff and soar more often than not, you may want to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. Only a chiropractor will be able to determine and help you alleviate and manage your aches and pains.

Numbness and Tingling

Pain, or irritation are usually the first indications that something is wrong. Many of us lead extremely busy lives that leave little time for us to address our pain. However, if we do not address the pain our symptoms may become worse, and can be more dangerous. Pain may be the first sign presented, but as the body does not receive any relief other signs may present. One of which is the sensation of a limb falling “asleep”, or tingling. This is often a coping mechanism for your body to deal with the pain, but it can also indicate nerve damage.

Worse than a tingling sensation, numbness is a dangerous sign that needs immediate attention. The cause of a numb or tingling feeling is typically when a vertebra is so restricted and stiff it puts pressure on the ligaments, muscles, and nerves. When the nerve gets so compressed it can damage ones ability to feel, or even function properly due to nerve damage. A chiropractor can address your numb or tingling sensations, and possibly regenerate any nerve damage that has occurred.

Weight Gain

Obesity is a topic that everyone is talking about. There are many medical complications that are connected to weight gain. One of which is the damage it can do to your musculoskeletal system. Your body is not designed to carry extra weight. If you are experiencing weight gain, you are more than likely creating tension causing an uneven distribution of pressure, which may cause pain and neck/back problems.

A chiropractor cannot only adjust any uneven distribution that your weight gain has forced upon your body, but can provide you with an exercise and diet plan that will empower you with the ability to lose weight. A good chiropractor will not only focus on your neck and back health, but also provide you with an education that promotes a healthy lifestyle.