How Can I Manage My Neck and Back Pain?

Pain unfortunately, is apart of life. Finding a way to manage your pain can be a complicated process. If you are experiencing neck and back pain, the first step to managing your pain would be to see a chiropractor.

Schedule A Chiropractic Exam

chiropractic exam

A chiropractor has the education and the ability to understand pain that is unique to you. Every person encounters different variables throughout the day that may cause pain. Daily stress often leads to tension that resonates in your body. A chiropractic examination will determine your pain and give you a platform on which to manage, and potentially eliminate your neck and back pain.

A great chiropractor does more than adjustments and examinations; they guide their patients through exercises and treatments that provide relief. It is key for you, the patient to have an active role in managing your pain. Discipline is needed in order to recover from an injury, or if you are learning how to manage your pain. Your chiropractor may give you a plan to manage your pain, but it is up to you to follow it.


Stretching is something we all know we need to do but few of us actually do it. A good stretch cannot only help manage your pain, but it can prevent it. If you sit all day at a computer doing a few stretches is all you may need to do to correct bad posture, or alleviate pain. Even if you feel like you do not have time to stretch, there are many effective stretches you can do sitting right at your desk.



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You may get plenty of exercise, but did you ever stop to think that your workout routine might actually be creating back and neck problems? Your work out plan may actually be the source of your pain. A chiropractor has the knowledge and training to empower you with a custom work out plan that works for your body, and your pain management needs.

This is why scheduling a chiropractic exam is so imperative. You may not know that you have a herniated disk, or pinched nerve, so you are still running, and lifting heavy weights. This could cause tremendous damage to your body. Now, there is no doubt that exercising is great for your body, and your chiropractic needs, but equally important is finding the right exercise program for you.

A Good Nights Rest

Like stretching, we all know that a good nights rest is important, but few of us actually get it. From a chiropractic perspective a good nights rest is more than how often or long you sleep, but the quality of rest you get.

This starts with your mattress. Good support is crucial to managing your neck and back pain. You may think that your mattress is just fine, but if you are waking up stiff or soar it may be time to buy a new mattress.

The accompaniment of any good mattress is a good pillow. The support of the neck is key in managing and preventing pain. A great pillow will simply support your neck keeping it straight and protected from possible injuries contracted while you are asleep. To see a chiropractor recommended pillow please see this video.

A Supportive Back Rest

Poor posture is one of the most common reasons people experience neck and back pain. Since so many people do so much work at a desk in front of a computer it is easy to get into habits of slouching and rolling the shoulders forward which creates tension. A good backrest is a simple tool that can alleviate this problem, correcting your poor posture, and preventing new injuries.

Back Rests To Help Soothe Aching Backs

Back rests can be extremely beneficial to posture problems.

When a person uses a back rest it will increase the amount of curvature in their lower back.

Watch this video on Back rests to help soothe aching backs.

Improving your posture is extremely important. Posture problems can result in many health problems. When someone has hyper kyphosis their spine puts pressure on their heart and lungs. Having pressure on the heart can result in cardiovascular issues. People who have hyper kyphosis or humped back have an 80 percent chance of developing high blood pressure this is far greater than the average population. People who have hyper kyphosis can also develop breathing problems. The extra pressure from the curved spine on the lungs can be detrimental to breathing.

This will not allow the lungs to open or close properly. When the lungs do not open and close properly decrease oxygen runs thru the body. A decrease of oxygen in the body means a lack of energy, and lack of fuel to the muscles.

Back rests can be extremely beneficial to posture problems. When a person uses a back rest it will increase the amount of curvature in their lower back. When a back rest is utilized the increased curvature in the lower back will help decrease the extra curvature in the upper back. Using a back rest is like using a temporary brace. This temporary brace will improve your posture, by doing this it will improve your breathing and cardiovascular issues. This will also help the aches and pains that are associated with rounded shoulders. There are many other things you can do to help, however back rests are one of the simplest and cost effective ways to improve your posture.

One of the additional services we offer is computer station inspections. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is have someone take your picture. When we inspect the picture of you at your computer station, we can make recommendations.

Back rests

Back rests can be extremely beneficial to posture problems. When a person uses a back rest it will increase the amount of curvature in their lower back.