Learning how to rest is an important part of maintaining your energy and operating at full capacity. Rest is improtant. Many people confuse rest and sleep. While you can’t snore your life away, you will be more efficient and more centered if you learn to incorporate rest into your day. As a chiropractor, I often advise patients on how to incorporate rest into their workdays.

Take Time To Power Down an rest


Brain Lock Up

People’s minds are always racing these days, so it is hard to shut off the activity and focus on just one thing. Your mind begins to act like your computer does when you keep hitting the key to produce a response. Rather than making your computer act faster, this tends to lock it up.

This phenomenon can occur with your brain too. With many things on your mind, it becomes hard to shut off the activity, so the mind just locks up. Whether you are talking about your mind or your computer, your attempts to rush and multi-task can put major stress on your system.

Powering Down To Rev Up

In a busy world, what is a better way to keep running most efficiently? To borrow another computer term, the answer is to power down. You should take two to five minutes, two to five times a day, to just do nothing or focus on a single task. You might walk away from your desk, look out the window, or look up at the sky, and come back refreshed.

If you have an intense job where you do a lot of analytical thinking or decision-making, you might need a more structured approach to powering down. You might listen to a few minutes of soft music or turn your focus toward a picture of a vacation spot you have visited, or a picture of your family and loved ones. Transporting yourself to another place a few times a day can refresh you and make you more productive when it is time to focus on work again.

Stretch For Better Focus

Another thing that keeps you on task is exercise throughout the day. Especially if you sit at a computer for hours on end, your body gets stiff and sore. Just as you might brush your teeth two or three times a day for a couple minutes each time, you should stretch your neck, back, and shoulders as often. This improves your circulation, makes your muscles looser, and brings more oxygen to the brain. When your muscles are more relaxed through periodic stretch breaks, you are more efficient and focused.

Organizing For Efficiency

While this may all seem obvious and you agree that taking a few simple steps to refresh yourself throughout the day will aid your focus and efficiency, you must plan to incorporate these new habits into your routine. In the absence of planning, you are unlikely to step back and regroup for a moment unless you have scheduled little breaks into your day.

Need help in changing your lifestyle to incorporate rest and exercise to chase away stress and become more focused? Contact Virginia Beach chiropractor Dr. James Maggio today to learn how to change your routine in a beneficial way.

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Peak energy is a program that can give you up to 40% more energy in 2 weeks. Having 40% more energy is like getting an entire extra day each week. The program has several components. Lets start with food intake. The problem with the American diet is that Americans each too many carbs. Carbohydrates are all fruit, all vegetables and all pantry items. Not enough protein is also a major issue. If someone false to eat good quality protein at each meal they will have an energy issue. When the body has to process more carbohydrates than protein, the body loses energy. Each meal should have an equal serving of protein and carbohydrate at each meal. When there is extra carbs the pancreas gets over worked. The pancreas will secrete insulin to pull the extra sugar (from carbs) out of the blood stream. This will cause a major decrease in energy levels and fatigue.

Peak Energy Charity Event


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