Relax Muscles

tight muscles

relax muscle pain

How to relax muscles is very important for your chiropractic care. I often have to demonstrate to patients how to relax muscles so their care is more efficient. There are many ways to relax muscles. One can do some simple natural protocols. Taking calcium and magnesium works well for most patients. We carry a great supplement called muscle ease that helps the body absorb calcium into tight muscles to help them loosen up. Stretching can also be very helpful when performed daily. Getting into a routine to relax muscles by stretching is very effective. Stretching first thing in the morning and right before bed can be the most effective times for most. Utilizing heat or cold can also help. For chronic aches and pain, heat tends to work well. Ice works better for new injuries. Remember to seek advice from our health care adviser before applying ice or heat. Also, limit the application to 20 minutes maximum with at least 40 minute break in between applications.

When we treat our patients, our goal is to have their treatments last as long as possible. If your muscles become tight in-between your visits, it will diminish the effectiveness of your treatments. Today’s video gives you a great simple tip to follow.