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arthritis pain

Arthritis pain can be overwhelming. The pain and surprise flare-ups can definitely ruin your day. Here is some information explaining some of the issues surrounding arthritis issues and arthritis pain. Arthritis can effect any movable joint inthe body. It can cause pain in the neck, mid back and lower back. Arthritis pain can effect the upper extremity such as the figures, hands, wrist, elbows and shoulders. Arthritis pain can effect the lower extremities such as the feet, knees, toes, and hips. There are two major forms of arthritis. The fist form of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis and its relatives. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by a form of auto immune disease, where the body attacks itself. Although there is medical treatment to assist with the slowing of this auto immune process, there is also a lot the sufferer can do for themselves.

the second form of arthritis that causes arthritis pain is osteo arthritis. Osteo arthritis is the wear and tear form of arthritis. People usually get this form of arthritis in the regions they over work or have injured. For example people who work in front of an computer all day for years and years usually have issues with their upper body. They tend to suffer with hand and upper back and neck problems.

Essential Elements

Learn more about our new natural Essential Elements muscle relaxer cream. At the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic of Virginia Beach, Dr. James Maggio explains the new essential elements cream for muscle spasms.

essential elements

Hello folks!

Thanks for watching our brief video. I’m really excited about sharing this with you today. We have our brand new product from the Pulstar company. Some of you may not realize, pulsestar is the same company that manufactures the pro-adjuster that we use here in the office. Dr. Evans, who is the owner of Pulstar has developed something that many patients have been asking about for a long time. It’s called essential elements. Essential elements is the first of its kind. It’s a natural muscle relaxer cream. This cream is designed for two things.

The first is to help people who have chronic problems that are never ever going to go away. For example, maybe you have arthritis or disc problems. Some of you watching this could have these issues, this could be you! Here in the clinic we can get you to a certain level of improvement, so that you are feeling much better. That sharp pain is all gone, but maybe you have aching pain here and there. This is when the essential elements is a great product to use. The essential elements cream will help to relieve the aching feeling from chronic pain.

How to apply essential elements is easy. Once a day, rub the cream on the spot that hurts. What the cream does is it actually relaxes the muscles and eases the pain. It’s just that easy, it’s the first of its kind. I can’t say enough good things about this product. Make sure you pick some up here in the office, so you can start to relieve the aching pain you might be feeling. Give it a try for a month. I grantee you will LOVE it as much as I do!

Thank you so much for watching our video! Have a great day.

essential elements

essential elements