Orthopedic Pillows

ortho pillows


Orthopedic Pillows can help and hinder neck issues. Dr. James Maggio of the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic, in Virginia Beach, explains how good pillows can help you prevent neck issues.

When it comes to neck and shoulder problems pillows are extremely important. What happens often is someone may use a pillow that is way too thin if they use a pillow that is waytoo thin their neck will be imbalanced leaning to one side. This is not good at all for your neck. That can create turning, twisting, and bending of the neck which will irritate the sensitive nerves. We do not want that to occur. Likewise, if someone uses a pillow that is too thick it can cause issues where it pinches the opposite side of the neck.

Having a pillow that is perfectly measured is a fantastic thing for you. At our office one of the things we do is make sure people are using the correct pillow. When patients come in we have them bring in their pillows to see which one is specifically right for them. If they do not have one that is perfect we have an adjustable pillow at the office that is close to one size fits all as any other in the market you can get. It is actually a water based pillow that has a pillow and fluid inside of it to properly balance your neck. They are extremely comfortable and last a long time. If you have questions about which pillow is right for you feel free to give me a call and I will let you know what I think.  Pillows are a great supplement to your chiropractic care. Do not wait to get a good one. Even though they can be expensive, they are a great investment.