Obesity and longevity

Obesity is very common in today’s society.  Americans are eating too much bad stuff.  They are also neglecting the good stuff.  Nt exercising enough also leads to obesity.  Normal body mass index is 25% fat or lower.  Overweight is 25% or higher.  Obesity is over 30%.  When someon is obese by definition it means that they will have a health related issue because of their weight.

Most physcians agree that obesity is due to a persons inability to control their eating habits. Their are many reasons why this can happen.  Some suffer with philological issues, some social pressures.  There are ther reasons as well.  some medical conditions can effect weight.  some medications can also effect weight. Many studies have been done on why people are obese, but focusing on how not to be overweight may be a better approach.  Stopping children from eating too much junk would be a good start.  Increasing exercise routines are very effective.  Exercise must be performed daily, Even if on some days it is just for short times.

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