How to sit at the computer desk can help get you through the day pain free.

Most people now use laptops, ipads or tablets instead of a traditional desktop computer. There are major problems with that because as you notice when you use a laptop or an ipad your head is constantly facing down. The proper posture for using a laptop is you should be sitting straight up and down with your feet, thighs, spine and eyes all at right angles to the computer screen looking straight ahead into the computer is what works best.

Unfortunately with laptops and tablets you can’t do this because the keyboards and monitors are attached. One thing you can do to modify your laptop is to put your laptop on a raised stand so that when you are seated your eye level is perfectly straight. You can also purchase (for a relatively inexpensive cost) a keyboard and mouse so that you can put those on a pull out keyboard tray on your desk. This will prevent you from leaning forward to use you tablet. Use as large of a screen as possible, don’t slouch, and prop your feet up all of that makes a great formula for proper posture when using a laptop computer.

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