Hampton Roads Business Live

Dr. Maggio was recently featured on Hampton Roads Business Live.

You can watch the full interview below, in which Dr. Maggio explains (among other things) why women follow doctor’s orders better than men, common misconceptions about scoliosis, arthritis and carpal tunnel, and what makes the ProAdjuster instrument so popular around the country. Hampton roads live wanted to interview Dr. Maggio (Virginia Beach Chiropractor).  This interview explains why Dr. Maggio became a chiropractor.
In addition Dr. Maggio explains all the different health issues that he treats.  His treatments include headaches, Low back pain, arthritis and much more.

Dr. Maggio also explains how he does chiropractic.  There are over 100 different ways to deliver chiropractic.  Dr. Maggio uses most the Pulstar ProAdjuster system.  Dr. Maggio also performs upon request manual chiropractic care.  Upon introducing the proadjuster to his practice, almost all of his patients wanted to utilize that type of care.  The Proadjuster is a computerized form of chiropractic.  The Pulstar instrument that Dr. Maggio uses is the most advanced instrument available today.  Dr. Evans created the instrument.  Dr. Evans is an engineer who applies science and technology to medical devices.  Having this type of system can allow Dr. Maggio treat his Virginia Beach chiropractic patients with the best system available.

Dr. Joseph Evans

Dr.  Maggio also speaks about how his office is different than most chiropractic offices in Virginia Beach.    Dr. Maggio believes in remarkable customer service.  Explaining cases to his patients is a fine example of this.  Dr. Maggio will take all the time necessary to answer his patient questions.  He even fields questions from his patients after hours via his cell phone.  Patients appreciate his giving style of care.  No wait clinic is also very important to his patents.  Patients are scheduled systematically that allows the office to run on time.  Patients want and appreciate that detail.


Dr. Evans

Hampton Roads Sickest City

The health website WebMD this week ranked Hampton Roads as the fifth sickest area in the country . Hampton Roads is a military city with residents from all over the world. This is terrible news for the Hampton Roads area. For those new to the area, Hampton Roads is Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Hampton. Even though the study focused on Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News, the area is extremely transient. This means that the public very commonly lives in one city and works or travels to another part of the city. Hampton Roads is the largest metropolitan area on the east coast from Miami to New York. The worst cities in America are Madison in first place and then Cincinnati, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Baltimore. Hampton Roads is a military city with residents from all over the world.

The website says national year-to-year data show 2014 to have the highest levels of cold and flu symptoms ever recorded. These numbers are about to peak. This is part to increased statistics and also due to an increase in the population.

According to WebMD, “the latest cold and flu predictive data … shows that 2014 holiday season canl have one of — if not the worst — cold and flu levels ever.” Although this is a strong statement, it seems that we hear that prediction every year. I do not remember hearing recently that “This year the flu season should be mild and without risk.”

The website updates its “cold and flu map” every four weeks.

To those living in high risk cities “GET WELL SOON”

According to WebMD, Hampton Roads is No. 5 on the list of the “Top 10 Sickest Cities” in the U.S.

this week:

WebMD Top 10 Sick Cities:

  1. Madison
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Minneapolis/St. Paul
  4. Baltimore
  5. Norfolk/Portsmouth/Newport News
  6. Birmingham
  7. Dallas/Ft. Worth
  8. Detroit
  9. San Antonio
  10. Louisville
Va beach Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads


Simple thing to be done to keep your immune system function better: chiropractic adjustments. Studies have repeated demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments plays a major role in immunity and well being. Stay hydrated and limited sugars and caffeine can also be helpful. Also multivitamins and multiminerals will also help your immune system.