TMJ issues

TMJ issues are often diagnosed and treated by chiropractors in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The Tempralmadibular joint is a joint in the body where the jaw comes together. It is a simple hinge joint that allows us to open and close our mouths while eating or speaking. Like any other joint in the body it can get shifted out of position, when that happens localized pain will occur right in the joint on the side of the face or can radiate into the top of the head or even into the ear. Often when people have an issue with their TMJ Joint they actually think it is a cavity because the pain can actually feels like it is in the tooth itself.


They may go to the dentist and the dentist may say you are fine and don’t have a cavity. Most dentists are very well versed at diagnosing that there is an actual TMJ dysfunction where the joint is not aligned properly and the hinge  is irritating the surrounding tissue. The tricky part of this condition is diagnosing it. Most people will say they have a headache like a migraine or tension or may even think they have sinus problems.  Approaching a  general practitioner with a TMJ problem can be very confusing because they may think it is a simple tension headache.


Some of the most common causes of Tempralmadubular joint dysfunction is having dental work done. It could be from having a route canal or a filling. This can be strenuous  on the jaw and cause it to shift out of position. This is not fault of the dentist, simply this type of work can just aggravate the jaw. Chewing gum, twisting motions, going to concerts or sporting events where there can be a lot of screaming or yelling can also cause an affect on TMJ Joint. Some people also develop this problem following getting new jobs where they are speaking a lot whether on the phone of teleconference. Car accidents can cause TMJ issues where an airbag can strike the face. Most doctors neglect to look at the jaw because they are more concerned with head trauma. If you start to have facial pain following a tooth extraction of accident you may get headaches.

TMJ Disorder Treatment Virginia Beach


Chiropractic can treat this joint just like any other joint.  Once the jaw is properly aligned and the muscles are relaxed the person will generally feel better. Chiropractors can do this by hand or with instruments.  Physical therapy can also be utilized such as electric muscle stimulation to relax tight muscles at very low settings. Patients most always feel very quick relief.  TMJ issues are very easy to diagnose the problem with it is the most doctors are not trained to look at it. To self diagnose your problem you can simply stand in front of a mirror and slowly open and close your mouth.  Your chin should go up and down in line with your nose not to the left or right. If you see that this is occurring where your jaw is shifting to the left or right then you most likely have a TMJ issue. In short TMJ issues are normally very simple to treat however getting to the right type of physician who looks at TMJ is extremely important. Chiropractors are well versed at diagnosing and treating this problem.

TMJ Issues

TMJ Issues

TMJ Issues

Dr. James Maggio of the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic in Virginia Beach explains why dentists refer patients to chiropractors for temporormandibular joint (TMJ) issues and treatment and how you can help yourself if you are experiencing TMJ issues. Contact us through or website or give us a call at 757-473-9900 to set up an appointment for TMJ analysis and treatment.

Today I want to talk to you about ttemporomandibular jaw disorder Virginia beach and TMJ issues. Sometimes we will get referrals from dentist about TMJ problems. The reason why is when people are getting work done at the dental office their mouth is open, what this can do is shift the jaw. The TMJ joint is in the upper jaw of the mouth on either side, which can radiate pain into the joint or cause problems up into the head, eyeball, and neck. We do have a protocol that allows us to check to see if someone has a misaligned joint that is causing their TMJ problem. But one of the simplest ways you can check at home is if you think you are having TMJ problems stand directly in front of the mirror open your mouth up and down if your jaw tracts to one of the sides that means that that TMJ joint is not lined up properly. If this is the case come in and see me and we will take care of it and give you some simple things you can do to help.

Treatment For TMJ Virginia Beach

temporomandibular joint dysfunction therapies virginia beach

temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment virginia beach

Let me give you one little tip that works great on inflamed TMJ joints. Take a couple of ice cubes and put them in a zip lock bag and massage the jaw for a few moments maybe 30 seconds to a minute slowly open your mouth 3-4 times and repeat the cycle. This can help with some of the excruciating pain of the TMJ joint until we can get you looked at.

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