Low Back Pains

Low back pain can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

When people experience low back pain their lives can be turned upside down.  Having low back pain can be difficult.  Low back pain can cause pain , numbness, achey, or sharp.  Sometimes the pain can extend down the legs (sciatica).  Sciatica is when the pain runs or travels down the legs.  The sensation can travel all the way down the legs, knees, and to the feet.  The pain can be on one side, or both legs.  Low back pain can also travel up the spine to the mid back. It can also radiate to the hips.

When low back pain hits it can be from two musclulo-skeletal issues.  It can be a new problem (acute) or an old Problem (chronic).

Acute pain is from an entirely new episode.  Acute pain is from a injury or accident.  An accident can be work related or from an automobile accident.  Lifting, twisting and falling can cause new low back issues.  When their is a new acute issue the back usually swells internally to protect the nerves.  Acute problems should almost always be treated with ice.  Contact your Virginia Beach chiropractor (Dr. James Maggio) to evaluate the extent of your issues.  Sometimes imaging such as xrays or MRI may be needed to evaluate the severity of the low back pain.

low back pains

low back pains

Chronic problems are issues that come and go.  Most patients experience recurring low back pain.  That means if they never fully address and remedy the low back pain it will most likely return.  Unfortunately most people feel their back treatment ends when the pain goes away.  This is very far from the truth.  If the cause of the problem is not full addressed, it will always return.   Having a complete treatment plan to address and repair the old injury is alway the best option.  This can keep your spine stable.
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low back issues

low back issues

Low Back Issues

Research for low back issues has recently taken an interesting turn. In the U.S. alone it is estimated that 31 million people currently suffer from low back pain. Can it be related to our ancient heritage? That is the question proposed. A study in the journal of the M.C. Evolutionary Biology demonstrated some interesting facts.

The research showed that people with herniated discs and low back issues in their lower back are more likely to have spines that resemble chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees are our closest living thing to our primate ancestors. These people have small lesions or depressions in their spine. This depression is called Schmorl’s node this node occurs in the disc between the vertebrae. This node places stress on the lower back. This additional stress makes the person more prone to have back pain from walking upright. With this problem persisting the person feels more comfortable to walk in a C shaped pattern.

That C shape pattern resembles the spine of a chimpanzee. While walking upright on 2 legs gives human beings a clear advantage over other species it can create problems. Walking upright puts stress on the body and in the spine. Everything in our body changed on an evolutionary note when we began walking upright. Resent research examined in the Smithsonian demonstrated some interesting findings. They discovered that the human vertebrae with disc herniations are identical to that of the chimpanzees. Chimpanzees and patients with herniated discs tend to have smaller holes for the nerves to come out. Creating vertebrae with shovel shaped bodies. The research is pointing at the early detection of this anamole. If this anamole is caught early enough chiropractic care and possibly physical therapy can strengthen these deficiencies and prevent them from becoming a major issue.

We hope that this has provided interesting info on low back issues.

Hip Pain and Low Back Issues

Hip pain is very common in today’s society. Most of the time when people have hip pain they are concerned about having a hip replacement. For many people that is a viable option.

Sometimes hip pain can be referred from a knee or a low back issue. Before someone jumps into getting a hip operation they may want to explore options with other kinds of physicians to make sure that the pain they are having is not coming from another joint.

Woman hip painIt is very common for chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons to work directly together to pin point which joint is actually causing the problem whether it is knee, hip, or back. It is very confusing for the patient because obviously you would think where the pain is would be generally where it is coming from, unfortunately the way the nerves run up and down the body that is not always the case. A multi faceted health care approach is always best.