Energy is important.

Energy: Who needs it???

Energy levels are extremely important in determining your health.  To have less fatigue you must move more.  Sedentary lifestyles will stat nag the blood flow and circulation.  This will cause fatigue and tension

What I briefly want to discuss is how people can get more gusto by doing less. Yes you read that correctly MORE life force BY DOING LESS!!! One of the easiest ways to have more energy by doing less is to stop .  feel better by lifting bending twisting, moving and more.  Rest is also very important. Caffeine in coffee, soda and energy drinks is one of the worst things in the world for fuel. When you drink these substances you will get an immediate energy boost, however as that comes out of your bloodstream you will feel sluggish, tired and want more. The reason why you will have more issues with energy upon drinking caffeine is very simple caffeine will dehydrate your body. When your body is sub-clinically dehydrated, it means your body has less water in it then it should. One of the symptoms of sub-clinical dehydration is becoming tired.

So what can you do to boost your energy drink more water and have less caffeine.  Most people realize that proper nutrition can assist your energy.  If you have a good diet, your fuel will be enhanced.  Vegetables are very import for fuel.  Fuel from vegetables are slow released.  That means they take a long time to turn into sugar.  When that occurs your get up and go lasts longer.  Another think to change is the sweets.  Sweets will drain your production.  Every time you eat or drink a sweet you fuel levels drop.  When it drops you feel tired.  When you feel tired you may rush to caffeine.  That is the trap.  That is the trap to avoid.