Which whiplash treatment is right for you?

Which whiplash treatment is right for you? One day you are fine.  The next day you are not.  Which whiplash treatment is right for you?  Following an accident, life can be difficult.  There are many things that need to be handled following and accident.  One question is can be: Which whiplash treatment is right for you?  The big challenge is when pain occurs, life does not stop.

whiplash treatment

whiplash treatment


So, you were in an accident, what do I do first? Fortunate only a small amount of accidents are life threatening.  Most people focus on their health and pain last.  Issue number one is usually the car.  Most people feel without their car life is impossible.  Can I get to work? Can the kids get to school?  What about bowling, the baseball game, etc.  So the first priority is to get the car fixed.  As you know this can be very stressful.  Lots of calls to the insurance company. Followed by unreturned calls from an adjuster, and then dealing with an “insurance approved” body shop.

Once all of this is handled, then it turns back to your life.  “I just wasted 2 weeks dealing with my car.”  Now I can focus on the things I neglected.  So the next few weeks turns into dealing with normal day to day activities.  The problem is you are now at least 2 weeks behind.  Yard work, household chores have all been neglected.  Not to mention work.  all of those emails and phone call and deadlines have been piling up.  Before you now it four or five weeks have gone by and you are feeling  worse and worse.

This is when you realize, you have been so busy dealing with “life” that you have neglected your health.  the Tylenol is not working.  Maybe a groupon coupon for a massage even made you feel worse.  Sleeping is getting more difficult.  The headaches are not daily and radiating into both eyes.  You even seen extra snippy with the kids.  You just feel worn out.

So now it is a trip to you primary care physician.  You tell them that your accident was 6 weeks ago and you do not feel right.  The Neck is hurting and the hand is “kinda” numb.  Your doctor gives you a diagnosis of strain/sprain.  The send you home with muscle relaxers and pain killers.  You take the medications for two weeks.  You now realize that the muscle relaxers are making you too tired.  The pain killers are upsetting your stomach.  On top of that,  your pain is now getting worse.  You call you doctor and they see you right away.  They want you to go to an orthopedic doctor and want to order an mri.  Orthopedic doctor can see you in 5 weeks and the mri is scheduled for 2 weeks out .  It is also at 6:30 in the morning.

By this time you are “over it”.  You finally take your friends advise and call ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic. Find us here.  Dr. Maggio’s office gets you in that day.  Evaluates you with the painless computerized chiropractic instrument known as the Pulstar Proadjuster.  He figures out in one visit that you have pinched nerves from the accident.   With in one week you start feeling better and life is good again.  Point of the story.  Life is already too busy to wait.  When you have an accident, check us out immediately.  Don’t waste 6 to 8 weeks suffering for now reason.  Let us help you!!!