VA Chiropractic Benefits

VA Chiropractic Benefits are here. VA Chiropractic Benefits are not new. Chiropractic Benefits for veterans are now just being implemented. President Bush is a chiropractic advocate. President Bush also demonstrated a great deal of respect for our military. One of his goals in office was to provide better VA services for our retired military. Both republicans and democrats agree that our VA system is at best weak for our retired service members. In 2002 President Bush signed the law providing Chiropractic Benefits To Veterans. It has been included in VA benefits since 2004. The issue is that no one knows about it. In January of 2016, our office started receiving referrals from the VA.

We looked into this and discovered that they indeed had benefits. VA patients can receive up to 12 visits a year from a private chiropractic clinic (like our clinic). The ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic is an external practice that the VA can refer to. The VA actually pays for this benefit in full. There is no out of pocket expense for the patients receiving care in our office as long as they have a referral from their VA provider.

So how does VA Chiropractic Benefits work?

If a patient wishes to receive care in our office, they just need to ask. VA patients can request to be directly referred to our office. The VA doctor then will send a referral over to our office (ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic). Since we are a provider for this service, we will take assignment on these cases. With the referral, the patients can be treated without any out of pocket expense.

This is an amazing development in health care for VA patients. Many VA patients have been treated at our office this year. They are extremely happy with their results. They as also happy about our customer service. Our staff will handle all correspondence with the VA. That way the patient can focus on getting better.

They are also happy with our efficiency. VA patient are used to waiting a long time to have an appointment scheduled. They also normally have to wait hours to be seen. This is extremely frustrating for them.   When a VA patient is referred to us, they receive 1st class treatment and customer service. Our staff will schedule them as soon as possible. Sometimes even that same day. When they are seen at our office they can expect to be seen on time. We see over 98% of our patients on time or early. What a treat for them!!!

Please Share Chiropractic Benefits for Veterans.

Please let your ex-military friends and family members know about this great benefits. Share this info on Facebook or email it directly to them. Let them know to tell us that you referred them to us. That way we can take time to properly thank you. Our military deserves the best. Please get the word out about how we can help them feel better and enjoy their post military lives. We look forward to helping them and all of our wonderful patients.