Do I Need To Take Supplements?



So much information is available today for consumers concerning supplements and their effectiveness. We should all ask –  do I need to take supplements? So how does one decide if vitamins and minerals are right for them? Feel free to view today’s video concerning supplementation.

Are supplements important is a very confusion topic. If we address this topic with the daily food requirements, it will make more sense. The food guide pyramid recommends 4 to 6 servings of fruit a day. the food guide pyramid recommends 6 to 8 serving of vegetables a get the most out of your fruit and vegetables they need to be organic. fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and preservatives allow you to absorb their nutriments at a high level. When pesticides and preservatives are added to fruits and vegetables their nutritional value decreases. fruits and vegetables should be consumed 3 to 4 days following harvest to ensure the best nutritional value. When fruits and vegetables linger around they lose their nutritional value. It is estimated that by the time a person actually eats a potato it has lost over 90% of its nutritional value. So, unless you eat all of your portions of fruits and vegetables a day, and they are all organic, and you eat them with in 3 days of being harvested, you are not obtaining your nutritional goals.