Stress and Headaches

Stress and headaches can be difficult for your well being.  Most people do not manage their busy life.  Running around, tight schedules can be difficult.  If you are constantly on the go, you can be in trouble.  We know that proper rest is extremely important for your well being.  If you are experiencing a hectic life, chances are you do not rest well.  Rest is when your body repairs and heals from our daily lives.  Do not let life run you.

A recent study in Germany, of over 5000 people tracked for 2 years, demonstrated that there is a direct correlation to active headaches and stress levels. Over this two year period people

were asked to keep track of their stress levels and when they got headaches. What they found was that people who had stress levels of 52% or higher (based on scale 1-100) had a higher chance of getting headaches.

Migraine sufferers had a 4.3 rise in the number of headaches each month for every 10 point stress level increase. Those who suffered with tension headaches had a 4% increase. Although we all know that stress does not cause headaches, stress will aggravate any health condition and exacerbate the frequency and intensity of the symptom.

In the chiropractic world, chiropractors actually check people’s spines for irritations of sensitive nerves that go up to the head. This is why chiropractic is currently one of the few modalities that will actually find the hidden cause of headaches and work to correct it. By correcting the cause of the headaches, stress it will not necessarily trigger a headache. So in closing decreasing your stress levels will help the frequency and intensity of headaches subside however finding the cause is something that is actually important for your health care needs.

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