iron Supplements

Iron Supplements

Iron Supplements are very helpful for your overall well being.

Iron deficiency may raise stroke risk. Investigators looked at data from over 500 patients which cause them to have enlarged blood vessels in the lung, these are actually associated with strokes.

Those who had iron deficiencies had stickier platelets which are small blood cells that trigger clotting when they stick. People who have this are more likely to have strokes.

When platelets in the blood stick together in the blood.  if you are out of iron.   Many scientists believe  that having the correct amount of iron in your diet through supplements and proper nutrition will actually decrease  the chances of stroke.

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The researchers noted that many people have other types of conditions that let blood clots bypass the lung’s filtering system, and they added that their findings could eventually help with stroke prevention.

Iron deficiency affects about 2 billion people worldwide, and recent research has shown that it may be a risk factor for stroke, but how iron deficiency could boost stroke risk was unknown.

as you know exercise is also extremely important to your iron levels.