Steroid injections for low back pain

Steroid injections can be a helpful modality for pain.  Patients commonly ask if they are safe.  Steroid injections

New research has just indicated that people who have lower back pain caused by spinal stenos, which is a condition that narrows the opening space in the spinal canal, are unlikely to get relief from steroid shots. The leading researcher, Dr. Fend Lee from the University of Washington, states steroid injections are not helpful and there is no added benefit of the steroid itself so if people are considering these injections they may want to consider an alternative.

Obviously when patients suffer with low back problems sometimes medical intervention such as steroid injections are helpful. It is always important for you as a patient to determine with your health care providers as many options as possible to determine what is causing and aggravating your lower back condition.

As a physician treating lower back pain what we have found over the years is that occasionally patients do get relief from steroidal injections sometimes they do not. If you are suffering with lower back problems feel free to give us a call to determine if we can do something to help alleviate your lower back condition.

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Steroid injections can be a helpful modality for pain. Patients commonly ask if they are safe