Pediatric Chiropractor

Pediatric chiropractors are in demand now more than ever before.  A pediatric chiropractor can treat acute conditions.  They may also alleviate chronic conditions.  Pediatric chiropractors are qualified to treat anyone from newborns to young adults.  A pediatric chiropractor can create a better quality of life. They may also prevent ailments through periodic ongoing adjustments.   Spinal manipulations done by a pediatric chiropractors are more gentle than the ones performed on adults.  Pediatric chiropractors take into account the softness of new joints and growing bones.  Pediatric chiropractors apply gentle pressure to achieve desired results.  Pediatric chiropractic care is smart treatment option for parents looking for a solution without the side effects of drugs or the stress of surgery.

How Pediatric Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Your Child

Growing children experience many discomforts.  This may range from acute conditions to chronic conditions. A pediatric chiropractor may be able to provide instant relief of these conditions through proper spinal manipulation.  Aside from relief there are many other benefits associated with pediatric chiropractic treatment.

Pediatric Chiropractor

Pediatric Chiropractor


A pediatric chiropractor can treat colic, ear infections, and sleep issues in babies.  For older children such as toddlers or preteens, the most common conditions alleviated by a pediatric chiropractic are sports injuries, deficient immune systems and allergies.  The purpose of spinal manipulation is to reduce stress on the nervous system.  Once nervous system stress is eliminated the body can begin to heal itself.  Through ongoing adjustments some of these ailments can be prevented.

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Common Ailments Relieved by Pediatric Chiropractic Treatment

Tow For example, ear infections are often treated with antibiotics.  Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. Almost all antibiotics have side effects.  Furthermore, frequent use of antibiotics may make them less effective and may lead to resistance of the medication.  This is especially true if the child experiences frequent infections. A pediatric chiropractor, cannot kill the infection. What a pediatric chiropractor can do is build up the immune system.  The pediatric chiropractor can locate subluxations and adjust them accordingly. When this is done, nerve disturbances are reduced and tension in surrounding muscles is released.  This allows the child to utilize their immune system to defend from further infection.  It also allows the proper drainage of fluids without surgery.  A pediatric chiropractor can most times conduct the spinal manipulation with the light touch of a fingertip.  The spinal manipulation is without side effects and can be done within minutes.

Another common ailment children experience are seasonal allergies (of all kinds.) A pediatric chiropractor cannot cure seasonal allergies.  But a proper adjustment can alleviate symptoms associated with those allergies.  This is done by locating the disruption in the nervous system.  Once located, the disruptions is addressed.  This results in less symptoms due to seasonal allergies.  A pediatric chiropractor is an expert at locating the root cause of those symptoms

Benefits for Pediatric Chiropractic Treatment

Aside from feeling relief, there are many benefits to routine chiropractic care.  Children experience stress on the nervous system from physical activity, chemicals in their environment, and emotional stress. It is important to address stressors early on.  This prevents chronic conditions from occurring.   A pediatric chiropractor aides in the locating and release of stressors. This allows all areas of the body to function at optimum capacity and ability.


When searching for a care provider for your child it is important to find a doctor of chiropractic with the right experience in pediatrics.  Here at the Prodajuster Chiropractic Clinic, our doctors are not just experts in chiropractic treatment, but they are also caring parents.  With decades of experience our doctors understand the importance of spinal health beginning at an early age. If your child is having trouble with colic, sleeplessness, chronic earaches, headaches, allergies or a recent sports injury we may be able to help.  To schedule a consultation visit us at or give us a call at (757) 473-9900.

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