Neck Exercises for Herniated Disc

neck exercises for herniated disc

neck exercises for herniated disc

Herniated Disc can be confusing. A herniated disc is an extremely painful condition. They are most common in middle-aged adults. It occurs when too much pressure is put on the spine. The spine consists of bony vertebrae. In between each vertebra is a jelly-like disc. Discs cushion the joints during impact. They also allow for movement of the spine. A herniated disc occurs when a disc ruptures. Thus causing the disc to leak. This irritates the surrounding nerves.


There are several approaches for a herniated disc.

Neck Exercises for Herniated Disc can help.

Most doctors will recommend pain medication, rest, or physical therapy. Surgery is often the last resort. Neck exercises may improve neck pain from a herniated disc. The goal of these exercises is to push the disc back. The disc should be able to push away from the nerve root. This will help alleviate symptoms. Always be evaluated by your doctor before attempting exercise at home.

Neck Extension

This neck exercise is quite simple. For this, you will need to lie on your back. It is best to lie on a table or bed. The bottom of your neck should be in line with the edge. Slowly and gently lower your head back. Let it hang. If this makes the pain worse or sends pain down your arm, do not continue. Hold this position for one minute. Then, you will rest for one minute. Repeat neck exercise five to fifteen times.

Neck Extension with Head Lift

For this neck exercise, you are going to lie on your stomach. Neck Exercises for Herniated Disc need to be done properly. Place your arms by your side. Your head should be hanging off of the bed. Slowly raise your head up. Extending your neck against gravity. Hold this position for five to ten seconds. Repeat fifteen to twenty times.

Shoulder Retraction

For this exercise, you will sit or stand against a wall. Your arms should be by your side. Then Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle. Bring your shoulders down and back. Push the back of your arms toward the wall. You should squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Neck Exercises for Herniated Disc take time.

Isometric Hold for Neck Exercises for Herniated Disc

For this neck exercise, you will need to sit up tall. Relax your shoulders. Then Place your hand on your forehead. Press your head into your hand. Do this without moving your head. Hold this for five to fifteen seconds. Also, Repeat this exercise fifteen times.

Neck Rotation

For this neck exercise, you will also be sitting up tall. Relax your shoulders and gently turn your head to the side. Don’t over rotate your head behind you. Avoid twisting your neck. Slowly turn your head to the other side. Hold each position for thirty seconds. Repeat three to five times throughout the day.

ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic teaches Neck Exercises for Herniated Disc Dr. Maggio has treated many people with computerized chiropractic care to help alleviate symptoms of a herniated disc. As well as computerized care, our patients are given a stretching protocol to help strengthen and relieve tight muscles. If you or anyone you know has a herniated disc, give us a call at (757) 473-9900 (option 1) to schedule a consultation.

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