Beach Chiropractor

Beach Chiropractor
Statue of King Neptune in Virginia Beach. Taken just before sunrise

Beach Chiropractor can help rescue your vacation. Summer is finally here! People are beginning to plan their summer vacations. Here in Virginia Beach, the options for fun activities are endless. There are so many new spots to check out and beaches to enjoy. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can still happen on vacation. Don’t let an injury slow you or your family down from enjoying your vacation. Visiting a beach chiropractor can help resolve the most common injuries on vacation.

Hiking Injuries Treated by Beach Chiropractor

Virginia Beach has many trails to explore and hike. Hiking is an excellent way to get some exercise while on vacation. Although, hiking sprains are a very common injury while on vacation. If the trail is slippery or you are going too fast, you can fall. A fall can cause many injuries. These can include sprains. While a sprain may not be a medical emergency it can be a big problem. Visiting a beach chiropractor can help with ankle pain and inflammation. Chiropractic adjustments are effective in treating and preventing ankle pain.

Road Trip Accidents Treated by Beach Chiropractor

Oftentimes, going on vacation involves a great deal of traveling. With car travel there can be a risk of an accident. Accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. These can include whiplash, headaches, upper and lower back pain. Sometimes even knee pain can occur. Needless to say this is not how you want to remember your lovely beach vacation. Luckily, chiropractors are highly trained in these types of injuries. If you find yourself in an accident on vacation, it would be a good idea to get checked out by a beach chiropractor. They can help treat any injuries so you can enjoy your vacation.

Pool and Hot Tub Accidents

Often when people go on vacation they find themselves sitting by a pool. It can be quite relaxing to be near water. Swimming can be a nice way to end the day. Although, these environments can be dangerous. Pools are slippery, and slips can lead to falls. Also, jumping or diving into the pool the wrong way can lead to back injuries. Beach chiropractors can help with pain or stiffness from a bad fall or jump into the pool.

Water Sports Injuries

A popular thing to try at the beach is water sports. There are so many different sports to try including boat tubing, wake boarding, and jet skiing. These activities can be very fun. It is important to listen to the instructors to avoid injuries. Hitting the water at high speeds can be very dangerous. If you are not used to this type of activity, it can lead to an injury . It is important to listen to the instructors to avoid injuries. If you feel sore or stiff after one of these activities, it would be beneficial to get adjusted by a beach chiropractor. This will prevent the pain form getting worse so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation.

ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic

If you are on vacation and need of an adjustment give us a call! We are located in the Virginia Beach area.  At our office, the ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic, we offer highly sophisticated computerized care. The Pulstar ProAdjuster allows treatment without any popping, cracking, twisting, or turning. Dr. Maggio is a beach chiropractor who specializes in healing many types of injuries that can occur on vacation. If you or someone you know is on vacation and need a chiropractor, give us a call at (757) 473-9900 (option one). check us out at