medicare chiropractic benefits

Medicare chiropractic benefits are available to patients who have medicare part b. medicare chiropractic benefits have been available since 1972. All medicare patients who have part b are given medical necessary chiropractic care.

In the 1970’s Medicare became the first insurance company to pay for chiropractic care. They have some strange rules but overall the program is really good for the patients. For Medicare patients who are suffering with a spinal issue, Medicare requires a chiropractor to do an examination for them. The examination is not covered by Medicare. Our office charges approximately $75.00 for their exam. If the patient has a secondary or a supplement then the supplement may pick up all or some of the non-covered exam fee.

Our office will be more than happy to verify your insurance for you. After the examination if a patient requires treatment Medicare pays for 80% of the chiropractic adjustments leaving patients with approximately an $8.00 co-payment, if the patient has a secondary insurance it will normally pick up the entire c0-payment. So for most of our patients who have Medicare and a supplement their copay is Zero as long as their care is medically necessary. If you or someone you know is suffering with back problems, neck issues or arthritis and has Medicare our office is a provider and will be more than happy to take care of you or your loved ones.