Medical Doctors

We go out and speak to different medical doctors about the patient population we see. One of the typical questions we get from these medical doctors is their concern about popping, cracking and twisting with the patients.

Here at our office, we only do manual manipulations upon request. Instead, we usually use the ProAdjuster chiropractic tool. There is no popping, cracking, or twisting involved with this tool. The treatment is quite painless and feels good.

Hey everyone, Amby here from the ProAdjuster chiropractic clinic. I wanted to talk to you about something Dr. Maggio and I do. We go out to different physicians’ offices to let them know how Dr. Maggio diagnosis and treats patients with the ProAdjuster. Dr. Maggio is only 1 of 1,000 offices in the country that use this technology, he enjoys informing medical doctors of this method of chiropractic care. The physicians normally have several questions. How long is the treatment time, what type of patients do you see, and what conditions are NOT appropriate for this type of treatment, and do you pop, crack, or twist your patients?

These are great questions, patients sometimes have the same ones.  Easiest one to answer is the popping, cracking, and twisting question. If you are a patient here, you know that unless you request a manual adjustment Dr. Maggio uses the ProAdjuster. If you are watching this and you are not a patient the great thing about the ProAdjuster is there is NO popping, cracking, or twisting. It’s a painless adjustment, it really feels amazing.

The second question is treatment time. A lot of physicians are worried about the length of the treatment schedule. The treatment schedule depends upon you, the patient. For example if you just want to feel better, than let us know and that will be your treatment to just feel better. If you want to completely heal yourself and maintain the healing that Dr. Maggio has done for you, than that is a treatment option as well. I go over all of your treatment options so you are involved in your care the entire way.

The last question is insurance and copays. We accept many different types of insurances, we offer discounts for people without insurance as well. Whatever the case finically we can work with you in most cases.

I hope this answered questions you may have had. Hope to see you soon!

Choosing Medical Doctors


medical doctors

Finding and choosing medical doctors that you “like” can be difficult. Feel free to contact Virginia Beach chiropractor, Dr. James Maggio, if you need a referral to a general practitioner, or a medical specialist. Being in practice for 20 years has its benefits. One of the things I can help my patients with is finding the ideal doctor. We have a wide variety of patients here in the office some look for extremely healthy options concerning their care some look for quick fixes. Doctors in practice have the same style some doctors are looking to help you become as healthy as possible, while other doctors approach the symptom based treatment. The symptom based treatment physicians are the ones who excel at quick patch jobs. When patients ask me to recommend a medical doctor I need to determine what style of treatment they want. Taking into consideration what is best for them is irrelevant. What is relevant is what the patients’ desires are. So if a patient is looking for a physician who is high quality and embraces wellness style I have options for them. If a patient is looking for someone to go occasionally when they are in crisis mode I also have doctors for them. The type of doctors that I can recommend vary from internists, general practitioners, and OBgyns. I can also recommend orthopedic doctors, pain management, physical therapist and ancillary treatments like massage. If you are in need of a doctor please let me know I will be more than happy to recommend one for you. Choosing medical doctors is easier if you create a brief list of want is important to you.
Staff and doctor considerations can be important. a friendly, well trained staff may be important to you. O time visits may also matter.