Computer issues and neck pain

Computer issues and neck pain are definitely interrelated.  Since the advent of increased computer usage, there is more neck issues then ever.  Computer issues and neck pain can be reducred with simple steps.

first off start the day off right.  When you wake up stretch before using the computer.  Wait until you loosen up befor checking you emails and facebook.

If you sit at your computer desk for long periods of time you can be creating lots of strain on your upper and lower back. One of the main things you should realize is that your computer should always be directly in front of you at eye level moving your chair, desk height, and/or height of the computer monitor is imperative to prevent neck pain and headaches.

There are simple apparatuses that you can purchase at any computer store that you can put under your computer base to raise it or lower it in order to have the ideal height of your computer monitor. Taking these steps will further allow you to reduce the negative affects of sitting at a computer.  at the end of the day stretch again or better yet go to the gym or even a walk.

Computer issues cause neck pain

Computer issues and neck pain