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Virginia Beach Weight Loss

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Welcome to your weight loss solution.  We take your weight loss goals very seriously.  Feel free to browse our website and contact us at any time to discuss your questions and goals. 

Weight Loss Virginia Beach

Weight Loss Virginia Beach

Ideal Protein Ranked #1

Ideal protein has been ranked the #1 ranked weight loss system in America.  That is great news for you.  Weight loss Virginia Beach just got easier.  The Ideal Protein system is unique because it has 3 distinct phases.  Ideal protein has a beginning, a middle and an end.  While losing your unneeded pounds, we will teach you how to make the necessary lifestyle changes and enhancements to keep the weight off.

  • Doctor derived weight loss protocol;
  • A variety of Spicy, Sweet and Salty gourmet foods;
  • Gimmick free weight loss program;
  • Nutritional education to help you modify your lifestyle and maintain your new body weight;
  • High quality food program;
  • Our dieters learn how they can learn to live at a stable weight;
  • much more…

Doctor supervision is the key

Have you ever tried to do something on your own, when you knew you needed help, and failed miserably?  Chances are you have tried dieting before and just cannot hit and maintain your goals.  That is were Ideal Protein shines.  The Ideal Protein diet  is designed for fast long lasting results.  Permanent changes can be made when the doctor supervised plan is followed.  Your doctor and coach will figure out the exact formula that will work for you.  You and your coach will plan your meals, teach you proper cooking techniques and even teach you  what to order when dining out.   That is a strong formula for success.

Introductory Seminar

After reviewing the below links,  if you are unsure if Ideal Protein right for you,  feel free to attend a seminar.  Our seminars are no-charge and will explain all the details of Ideal Protein.  We will answer all of your questions.  That way, you can determine if Ideal Protein is right for you.

Contact us to find out the dates of our upcoming no-charge seminars.  Feel free to bring a friend or two.

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Weight Loss Benefits

As a practicing chiropractic, I am often asked about weight loss benefits. There are many weight loss benefits. Let’s start with the obvious. Many of my patients see me because of back pain. Weight plays a major role in back issues. It is estimated that for every pound a person is over weight it puts an extra 10 pounds of pressure on the low back. The area in the low back that takes a beating is the lower lumbar region. The lower lumbar region is right above the belt line. That means, if a person is 20 pounds overweight that almost 200 extra pounds of pressure are played up the low back. Approximately 80% of the population are overweight. This is a major issue. If there is extra weight on the body, it will damage other joints. Feet, ankles, knees and hips are negatively effected by weight issues. Knee replacements are on the rise. Hip replacements are on the rise. Weight loss benefits, can reduce your chances of these surgeries. Even though these procedures are often successful, most people would rather not have them.

At our office we recommend the ideal protein system. The ideal protein system has been around for about 20 years. The ideal protein system limits bad carbohydrates. It also brings the adequate amount of protein. While consuming the right amount of daily protein and limiting bad carbs, weight just falls off. The best part of the ideal protein system is that it also teaches people how to maintain their weight loss. For example if a person loses 28 pounds in 6 to 8 weeks, the system teaches they what to do to keep it off. Weight loss should always have a end time. Losing weight also has many positve effects on your health. Lower blood pressure, less cardiovascular issues and lower incidents of diabetes can all occur.

Ask us when our next ideal protein seminar is.

weight loss benefits

weight loss benefits

Weight Loss Class

ideal protein

ideal protein weight loss

Dr. James Maggio is a chiropractor in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Dr. Maggio will be delivering an educational seminar on weight loss. Weight loss seminars can be very beneficial to your health. The weight loss class is February 17th at 6:00 pm. Please call 757-473-9900 to register for this no charge weight loss class. Ideal Protein is the new weight loss and weight maintenance program that will be available tour patients. Ideal protein is a program based on re training your nutritional needs. During the program you will learn new ways to eat properly to accelerate weight loss. Cravings will be diminished with proper nutrition and meals. topics to be discussed will vary from when to eat, what to eat and much more.

Having this program and available to our patients is so exciting. As you know many spinal problems are complicated by weight issues. Losing 10 to 20 pounds can make a remarkable improvement in your spinal health. The ideal protein protocol includes delicious meals and health snacks. all the foods available will contain high protein to carb ratios. The high protein ratios will increase your metabolism and allow you a success in taking and more importantly keeping the weight off.

The first introductory program will be February 17th. Seating is limited to 25 guests. Please call the office at 473-9000 to register. The class will start at 600 pm. We will have a guest speaker to share how the program works, answer questions. Following the seminar will have a tasting of some of the products available. Your health is directly related to your BMI. BMI is the ratio of fat in your body. Over 30% fat is considered obese. Over 30% of the population is now considered obese. Over 70% of the population is considered overweight. Obese patients will have a 100% chance of health issue related to their weight. This is horrible. Take steps now in the right direction for your health.

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