Sports Chiropractor

With an estimated  212.6 million active Americans (ages 6 and up,) a sports chiropractor is necessary to staying active and healthy. Americans today begin to participate in sports as early as six years old.   During physical activity, there are many things that can contribute to injury.  There’s an increased chance of injury for certain activities.  Full contact sports tend to have the most injuries. These injuries can cause misalignment of the spine.  Misalignment can also be caused by asymmetry in strength, mobility, and flexibility.   A sports chiropractor helps prevent injury.  A sports chiropractor also treats injuries, and minimize aches and pains due to misalignment of the spine.   Active people and athletes looking to maintain health or gain a competitive edge can benefit greatly by seeing a sports chiropractor.

Young Athletes

Americans are becoming increasingly active. Of the 212.6 million active American, 30 million are children between the ages of six and seventeen years old. There are many benefits associated with children participating in youth sports. Children who participate in youth sports build and maintain healthy bones, joints, and muscles. They are less likely to be obese and are more likely to become active adults. Despite the benefits, precautions must be taken when dealing with young athletes. Since young athletes are not fully developed they are more susceptible to injury.  Untreated injuries in youth can lead to permanent damage down the road. To identify injuries right away young athletes must have regular check- ups with their primary care physician. They must also see their sports chiropractor regularly.    This ensures optimal health and early intervention of injuries (if necessary.)

Spinal Misalignment and Sports Injuries

Children are not the only ones at risk for injury.  All active adults and active children can suffer from spinal misalignment due to physical activity.  A sports chiropractor is an expert in sports related injuries. They are also familiar with other injuries due to physical activity. Injuries in sports often occur in full contact sports.  Full contact sports include football, hockey and wrestling. Athletes participating in full contact sports are more likely to experience injuries.  These injuries can range from severe concussions to treatable misalignments due to impact. Misalignment can also occur from asymmetries in strength, mobility and flexibility. Correcting asymmetries may increase athletes’ range of motion.  It may also improve or correct form when performing sports related activities.

A sports chiropractor can alleviate athletes of their aches and pains due to asymmetries, misalignment or general physical training.  Athletes who have never injured themselves, may still suffer from chronic aches and pains. This can be caused by constant moving and demanding training.  Athletes experiencing shoulder pain, tennis elbow, wrist sprains, or ankle and foot pains can be treated by a sports chiropractor.


How a Sports Chiropractor Can Help

A sports chiropractor can offer a tailored regiment that keeps young (and old athletes) in their best possible shape. Sports chiropractors often treat injuries. Sports chiropractors also prevent new injuries from occurring. Sports chiropractors do this by performing a manual adjustment or an instrument adjustment.  A manual adjustment involves direct pressure from the chiropractor’s hands.  An instrument adjustment is performed by the sports chiropractor using specialized tools.  One of the most popular chiropractic tools is The Proadjuster.  The Proadjuster scans each vertebra to determine which need adjusting. The Proadjuster is gentler and more accurate than a manual adjustment.  Yet, just as effective in treating injury and pain.

Through regular adjustments a sports chiropractor can minimize daily aches and pains.  They also prevent new injuries from occurring.   A sports chiropractor provides a natural drug-free option for pain treatment. They also help athletes and their families save money on healthcare costs.

If you or a family member has had a recent injury or are experiencing aches and pains due to physical activity The Proadjuster Chiropractic Clinic of Virginia Beach might be able to help.  Dr. Maggio has over two decades of experience in sports chiropractic care.  Schedule a consultation today at or by calling 757-473-9000.

sports chiropractor

sports chiropractor

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