Knee Problems


knee issues

Knee problems can have a negative affect on your feet, hips and back. Dr. Maggio, Virginia Beach Chiropractor, explains knee issues to you in this video.

 Unfortunately people have way too many knee issues. As our population is living longer and longer knees are one of the first things that can  actually wear out. When the knees wear out it wreaks havoc up and down the entire body. Knee problems can create disc issues, low back problems, joint   problems, instability, and pain. If a person has knee problems it can definitely make a back problem even worse.

So what can you do about it? Warm-up your knees before you do any workout. Let the muscles soothe and relax so that they are not over worked. Ice your knees following a workout to decrease any sensitivity that may be building up on it. Stretch appropriately so that your knees and stress do not consistently get worse. Going for walks is another fantastic thing to do for your knees. Also using low impact cardiovascular will work nicely. This includes but is not limited to water aerobics, and the elliptical machine. Taking better care of your knees is a fantastic way to make sure your spine is balanced.