Effective low back treatment

The AMA recently published more information concerning Effective low back treatment.  Not surprising, chiropractic ranked at the top for Effective low back treatment.

You may have already read the recent article in JAMA confirming spinal manipulation effectiveness for low back pain.  Encase you missed it here is an article concerning it.

Effective low back treatment

Effective low back treatment

Spinal manipulation or adjustments for low back discomfort is  associated with modest improvement.  Among the improvement is a reduction of pain.  There is also aimprovement in function.  An improvement in function means a person can do more.  For example a reduction in pain could mean sitting at work is easier.  Maybe a person can stand longer. They might be able to sit at their desk longer.

Effective low back treatment is definitely not new.

Chiropractors have been utilizing manipulation or adjustments since its inception. Chiropractic patients are usually extremely satisfied with their treatment results.


Low back pain

Patients with acute low back pain were studied.  Acute pain is less than 6 weeks.  Spinal manipulation therapy was associated with modest improvements in pain and function at up to 6 weeks.   This was according to a study published by JAMA.  That publication is the American medical associations publication.  Look like the medical field is catching on.

Personal experience

In my practice, many medical doctors already refer patients to our office.  Do not be afraid to tell your doctor you want to try effective low back treatment.  Maybe pain medications is not your preference.  If so make sure you inform your doctor.

Back pain is among the most common symptoms prompting patients to seek care. It is  estimated  low back pain exceed 50 percent. Treatments for acute back pain include many options.  Patients may try analgesics, muscle relaxants, exercises, physical therapy, heat, spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) and others.   The effectiveness can vary greatly among patients. Paul G. Shekelle, M.D., Ph.D., of the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Los Angeles, and colleagues conducted a review and meta-analysis of previous studies to assess the effectiveness and harms associated with spinal manipulation compared with other non-manipulative therapies for adults with acute (six weeks or less) low back pain.

During the study he found that spinal manipulation is very effective for low back pain.  He also found little to no side effects from the treatment.  This is very important for patients to know.  Some of the public is afraid of chiropractic care.  The main fear is popping and cracking.  The good news is that they are many ways to perform chiropractic care.  One of my favorite is the ProAdjuster Pulstar instrument.  This instrument allows the chiropractor to perform adjustments without twisting and turning.  There is also no popping or cracking.  Many patients perfer this computerized technique.


Treatment options

The researchers demonstrated that the size of the benefit of SMT for acute low back pain is about the same as the benefit from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  This is according to the Cochrane review on this topic.   This is good news as many patients do not want injections.  They know that the pain injection can just be temporary in success.

“Chiropractic therapy is not widely accepted by some traditional health care practitioners. This may be, at least in part, because some early practitioners of chiropractic care rejected the germ theory, immunizations, and other scientific advances,” stated the editorial by Dr. Richard A. Deyo.

“However, chiropractic care is popular today with the US public,” Deyo stated. “According to a 2012 report, among patients with back or neck pain, approximately 30 percent sought care from a chiropractor. In a 2013 survey by Consumer Reports magazine involving 14.000 subscribers with low back pain, chiropractic care had the largest proportion of ‘highly satisfied’ patients.”

Higgly satisfied patients is what we desire.